Nuit Blanche Pavilion a lightweight structure

Nuit Blanche Pavilion

The Nuit Blanche Pavilion is a recent project by Gernot Riether in collaboration with artist Damien Valero. The project takes advantage of an elastic behavior found in high-density elastomers to form a lightweight structure.

structural design of footbridges using parametric modelling

Design of Footbridges

The thesis by Herman Enger Aas and Kristian Mathias Eick uses parametric design software tools to investigate relevant structural aspects to be used for development of a conceptual design phase of a footbridge.

Evolutionary Optimization of Parametric Structures Understanding Structure and Architecture as a whole from Early Design Stages

Evolutionary Optimization

This thesis by Aitor Almaraz aims to explore the possibilities of the implementation of parametric design as a linking tool for architectural spatial decisions, structure and costs -in economic and energetic terms-  to analyze and determine their performance.

Mass Imperfections Parametric Design Karamba Grasshopper3d

Mass Imperfections

Palestinian architects Elias and Yousef Anastas of AAU Anastas have recently completed a structure composed of hand-made olive wood modules. Karamba was implemented as a tool to analyze the structural performance of the piece.

Freeform Architecture

Freeform Architecture

In this study by Viktoria Henriksson and Maria Hult, rationalization in terms of different surface discretization methods has been a main focus. It also explores multi-objective optimization. The structure is designed parametrically in the Rhinoceros plugin Grasshopper and structurally analysed with the FE add-on Karamba.