Origami Explorations

Origami Explorations

This research by Yomna Saad ElGhazi and Ayman Hassaan Ahmed Mahmoud, explores the possibilities of kinetic composition afforded by Origami different techniques using squared module.

Design Ecologies for Responsive Environments

Design Ecologies

This paper positions the development and performance of a responsive acoustic envelope system, called Resonant Chamber, within discourses in ecology, systems theory and cybernetics.

Kinematic Pavilion

Kinematic Pavilion

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) partnered with the MAK Center for Art and Architecture on an exhibition that explores the intersection of art, engineering, and architecture. A SOM-designed pavilion is one of the centerpieces of the exhibition.

Adaptive Photovoltaic Envelopes

Photovoltaic Envelopes

This study by Prageeth Jayathissa, first presents a performative design environment that combines multiple technological branches into a single automated work-flow.

Kinetic Facades

Kinetic Facades

In this research by Kamil Sharaidin, kinetic facades are defined as the ability to response and adapt to the changes of the environmental conditions. The strategies mainly focus on the functions and performances of kinetic facades in the context of indoor daylight…

Sensory Morphing Skins

Morphing Skins

This research by Chin Koi Khoo, explores the potential for designing responsive architectural morphing skins with kinetic materials that have integrated sensing and luminous abilities.

Origami Surfaces for Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic Architecture

This research by Filipa Peres Frangolho Crespo Osório, proposes the exploration of rigidly folding origami surfaces as the means to materialize reconfigurable spaces through motion. 

Nature and Kinetic Architecture

Nature and Kinetic Architecture

To make a way toward the design of transformable structure for temporary applications, the authors have developed a new type of adaptable structures according to natural forms.

Textile architecture informed by wind

Informed by Wind

This thesis by Erica Horteborn aims to show that the flexibility of the textile material could be better included in the architectural design, allowing it to adapt to forces, such as the wind, and viewing motion as a positive design feature.

Prototyping Adaptive Architecture

Adaptive Architecture

In this paper by Binh Vinh Duc Nguyen, Thanonchai Watlom, Chengzhi Peng and Tsung-Hsien Wang, authors present a digital-physical modelling process that seeks to explore tectonic fusion of origami folding patterns and micro-kinetic movements.

Desert Lotus expanding dome

Desert Lotus

Desert Lotus is an expanding dome designed by Michael Burton. The goal of the project was to create a kinetic structure that could act as a collapsable, temporary installation or kiosk.

Shiver House

Shiver House

Shiver House by Neon Studio is a radical reinvention of the common Finnish Hut (mökki). The project is a kinetic “animal like” structure which moves and adapts in response to surrounding natural forces.

Transformable Structures and their Architectural Application

Transformable Structures

The main aim of this thesis by Sam Bouten is to provide insight in the design of transformable structures on an architectural scale.

Intelligent building skins: Parametric-based algorithm for kinetic facades design and daylighting performance integration

Intelligent Building Skins

This thesis by Mohamed Mansour El Sheikh presents the initial experiment, in which the external skin actuates to optimize daylight-deflection, maintaining a desirable luminous indoor environment.

Transformable Table

Transformable Table

MIT Self-Assembly Lab has come up with an active design for a table that can reconfigure into various shapes. Manufactured by Italian brand Wood-Skin, the prototype of this self-assembling table was showcased at Milan Furniture Fair.

The Cell Wall

The Cell Wall

The cell wall is a student project submitted as the final project for the Dynamic Environment studio, Students: Kishan Desai and Sandy Ferrier, Instructor: Mostafa Alani, Ph.D.

Kinetic Origami Surfaces From Simulation to Fabrication

Kinetic Origami

This article by Filipa Osório, Alexandra Paio and Sancho Oliveira describes the current state of an ongoing research that proposes the use of kinetic Rigid Origami foldable surfaces to be used as roofs for spaces with big spans and the practical contribution that the Design Studio Surfaces INPLAY has brought to it.

Kinetic Architecture Reinterpreting Persian Mathematics and Astronomy

Kinetic Architecture

In this essay by Parinaz Mansourimajoumerd and Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, studies are about using kinetic design and fabrication method in one project despite ordinary ways regard to the two main points…

Ladybird Pavilion Biomimicry Kinetic

Ladybird Pavilion

This three-meter-tall pavilion is composed of two adaptive folding elements, which have been programmed to open and close like the wings of a ladybird. collaboratively conceived and fabricated by three institutes at the university of stuttgart.

KAFD Spas Kinetic Facade

KAFD Spas Facade

A multidisciplinary team has joined together to implement Tessellate™ technology – a dynamic perforated screen system that regulates light and solar gain – on its first-ever major building.

Hoberman Arch

Hoberman Arch

The arch was designed by Chuck Hoberman to be used as a mechanical curtain for the Olympic Medal Plaza’s stage. It is a semi-circular aluminum structure, which opened like the iris of a human eye.

Adaptive Envelopes

Adaptive Envelopes

The paper by Marta Barozzi et al. presents an overview of adaptable envelopes and shading systems applied in contemporary architecture; it offers a study of different design approaches and a brief analysis of exemplifying case studies.

Using Tensegrity and Folding to Generate Soft Responsive Architectural Skins

Responsive Architectural Skins

This paper by Sherif Abdelmohsen, Passaint Massoud and Ahmed Elshafei describes the process of designing a prototype for a soft responsive system for a kinetic building facade.

Kinetic Wall Grasshopper3d Definition Tundra Chromodoris Meshedit Plugin

Kinetic Wall

In this grasshopper definition by creating and adjusting a parametric noise on a grid of points and then lofting them back you can model a kinetic like form.

ROAMNITURE Multi-Stable Soft Robotic Structures


This paper by Vasilija Abramovic, Ruairi Glynn and Henri Achten presents the preliminary results of the Roamniture Project, a hybrid approach to developing kinetic architecture based on a combination of rigid and soft body dynamics.

Shading With Folded Surfaces Designing with material, visual and digital considerations

Folded Shadings

This paper by Nancy Yen-wen Cheng describes the design of origami-inspired window shades, part of the Shaping Light project that explores how adjustable surface structures can modulate light levels and heat gain in response to the changing seasons.

Shelf Mechanism Grasshopper3d Tutorial Kinetic Architecture

7- Shelf Mechanism

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to teach you how you can use basic geometric rules to model an opening/closing mechanism which is basically a shelf which folds with a scissor like structure and a handle.

Kinetic Mirror Facade

Kinetic Mirror Facade

This paper by Ying Wang and and Florian Heinzelmann demonstrates the work on a kinetic mirror façade, which is able to reflect the daylight via mirrors in order to convey messages.

Performance Software Approaches for Kinetic Architecture: Programmable Matter Based Simulations

Kinetic Architecture

Performance Software Approaches for Kinetic Architecture: Programmable Matter Based Simulations by Nelson Montás Laracuente is an investigation concerning kinetic architecture design software support that will be used to simulate behavior of shape memory materials.

Snapping Facade Kinetic Architecture

Snapping Facade

Snapping Façade by Dioinno Architecture PLLC explores a sustainable building envelope design strategy that utilizes elastic instability to create dynamic motion at the building envelope.