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Lasercut Bendable Bracelet

Bendable Bracelet

In this video by Boss Laser you can see how to make a rigid material flexible using your laser cutter. There is a way to use laser cutting to create 3D objects from flat materials, and it uses a clever design element called a Lattice or Living Hinge.

Laser Origami - Laser Cut Design

Laser Origami

LaserOrigami is a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter. LaserOrigami is substantially faster than traditional 3D fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and unlike traditional laser cutting the resulting 3D objects require no manual assembly.

3D Optical Illusions

3D Optical Illusions

Human eyes could be easier to trick than you might think. A Japanese professor, Kokichi Sugihara, created sculptures that trick the mind to see the impossible. He was the winner of the Best Illusion of the Year Contest in 2010 and 2nd place in 2016.

The Waffle - Laser Cut Design

The Waffle

This lampshade with a notched “waffle” structural system brings the distinctive quality of light in your space. The parametric processes being used to design a unique object with interlocking 40 laser cut ribs.

Aguaviva Side Table

Aguaviva is the third piece in David’s Strata range which uses multiple layers to create a sense of movement. This piece is made up of a total of 93 pieces of solid wood which are carefully joined together to produce this dynamic sculptural side table.

Grille Partition Screen - Laser Cut

Grille Partition Screen

Grille Partition Screen&Wood Carved Partition for screen or ceiling of interior decoration. Grille partition screen, as perforated interior element, is very classic and enjoyed by many clients.

Laser Cut Pendant Lamp - Parametric Design

Laser Cut Pendant Lamp

How to make a star pendant lamp from a small piece of 1/4-in-thick plywood. The team from HomeMadeModern used a Full Spectrum Laser cutter to create this star pendant lamp. First, the concentric star pattern was cut by the laser. Then the star shapes were stacked and glued together, offsetting the points of the stars, to create dimension.

Lasercut Grid Chair - Parametric Design

Lasercut Grid Chair

Denzil Makes made this chair for the Rockler Plywood challenge, others make similar chairs using a CNC router, but never a laser cutter. As it laser cuts better than other plywood designer used Baltic Birch which comes in 60” x 60” sheets this means he used slightly more than one sheet of plywood.

Twisted Lasercut Lampshade No.2 - Parametric Design

Twisted Lasercut Lampshade

This Pendant lamp is in a triangular shape on bottom and top and each corner is incrementally rotated to give a lampshade both a curved and twisted outline. Depending on the angle you look at the lamp, it will give all different experience.

Parametric Office Chair

Parametric Office Chair

Oleg Tyrnov designed this wooden office chair with the help of parametric modelling techniques considering the principles of ergonomics in order to create a beautiful, unique and innovative product which is really comfortable too.

Coffee Bean Table

Coffee Bean Table

Inspired by the coffee bean’s natural geometry, this beautifully crafted table is made of CNC-cut Mahogany slats, showing its distinctive brown tones, making its close resemblance to the coffee seed even more direct

Do Not Disturb Clock

Do Not Disturb Clock

Do not Disturb is a clocks collection that intended to be a non-intrusive object for your home. Ernest Perera works in this project as a really designer-maker. He uses his own cnc milling machine and finished with his hands.

Wooden Coasters #4 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #26

Wooden Coaster Design & Ideas #4: Carl Friedrich Gauss distinguishes between three types of curved surfaces, single curved – neutral (cylindrical), and double curved – negative (hyperboloid) and positive (spherical).
Curved surfaces are very attractive, especially negative double curved surfaces, but also very complicated to perform. What’s interesting about them in constructive terms is the increase in stiffness and load capacity as the surface is bent in one and two directions.

Wooden Wall Clock #6 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #25

Wooden Wall Clock Design & Ideas #6: Unique, high quality handmade geometrical wooden wall clock, inspired by geometric structure -Voronoi diagram. Our clock „Diagram“ is designed in a contemporary style. These honeycomb-like, asymmetric, mesh shapes are used in many types of mathematical analyses as well as to create interesting fill patterns in things like furniture and wall panels. Extraordinary wall clock has been created using lazercut machine, and fitted with quartz mechanism. Untreated matte natural oak color. Assembled with three different types of arrows.

Wooden Pendant Lamp #3 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #23

Wooden Pendant Lamp Design & Ideas #3: This is an early version of the Moon Lamp designed by Verner Panton for the Danish lamp manufacturer Louis Poulsen, produced in the 1960s. The lamellae can be placed in any conceivable position. In order to reinforce the impression of the spherical shape, each of the rings is slightly arched. It is in a very good vintage condition.

Wooden Coasters #3 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #24

Wooden Coasters Design & Ideas #3: This would make a wonderful gift for tea and coffee drinkers. It can be used as a decoration, an art piece or as a coaster. It looks great on your table and protects its surface. Diameter: 3.1inches (8cm), Depth: 0.08inches (0.2cm). In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a partitioning of a plane into regions based on distance to points in a specific subset of the plane. That set of points (called seeds, sites, or generators) is specified beforehand, and for each seed there is a corresponding region consisting of all points closer to that seed than to any other.

Wooden Clock #5 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #21

Wooden Wall Clock Design & Ideas #5: A large, modern lotus design wall clock that really makes a statement. Made from laser cut birch plywood. Available in natural with a matte polyurethane, or water based matte brown or matte black stain. It is 18″ in diameter and floats 1/2″ off the wall creating a soft shadow. Designed and made in Canada. 12″ and 23″ sizes also available. -Built in hanger, -1/4″ thick wood, -Quartz movement, -Silent continuous sweep movement available

Wooden Pendant Lamp #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #22

Wooden Pendant Lamp Design & Ideas #2: It`s simple and minimalistic and in the same time creates a warm and ambient atmosphere. It suits classic or modern furniture and is designed to bring a cosy light to bedrooms, offices, living rooms, dining tables, kitchen islands or sideboard. MATERIAL: 4 mm plywood (all scraped with sandpaper and varnished), black metallic canopy, black fabric wire. DIMENSIONS: 60cm (24 in) height – 50cm (20 in). 100% HANDMADE.

Wooden Joinery #1 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #20

Wooden Joinery Design & Ideas #1: Laser cutting is widely used by industrial designers and mechanical engineers as a rapid modeling tool. However, designing and fabricating laser cut assemblies can be a complex and tedious process, especially for novice designers. Joints between different parts of an assembly is a key aspect of translating a digital model into a physical model through laser cutting. Joinery was developed to facilitate this rapid modeling process as a parametric joint generation toolkit for laser cut assemblies.

Wooden Box #1 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #19

Wooden Box Designs & Ideas #1: Laser cut and handcrafted storage box made from birch wood. Displays a geometric cube design. Great for jewelry, greeting cards, personal effects and storage or as a presentation and gift box. The lid is designed to stay in place without a lock or hinge. The measurements of the box are 6-1/2″ wide, 6-1/2″ Long and 4-1/2″ high when fully closed.

Wooden Coasters #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #17

Wooden Coasters Designs & Ideas #2: Unique wood coaster set! In each set are 4 coasters. Great as home decor or gift to friends and family. Each coaster is 3.9 Inches / 10 cm diameter. Each of our coaster is unique with natural wood texture. Made of FSC certified birch wood.

Wooden Wall Clock #4 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #18

Wooden Wall Clock Designs & Ideas #4: This clock is made of seven layers of precisely cut and engraved wood. The layers of wood resemble the growth rings of a tree. The clock will mount flat to the wall because the mechanism is fit inside the depth of the layers. finishing: The front side of the wood has been sanded. background: Growth rings, also referred to as tree rings or annual rings, can be seen in a horizontal cross section cut through the trunk of a tree. Growth rings are the result of new growth in the vascular cambium, a layer of cells near the bark that is classified as a lateral meristem.

Wooden Wall Art #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #16

Wooden Wall Art Designs & Ideas #2: Three dimensional wall art that is sure to turn heads. This minimal and classy design is perfect for adding some 3D “pop” to your home or business. This Birch wood box is laser cut before being layered with additional birch panels. It is then sanded, stained, and sealed with shellac by hand! 8 inch wide, 10 inch tall, with an approximate 1 inch depth to really make it stand out. Available in red, blue, and teal finishes.

Wooden Coaster #1: Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #15

Wooden Coaster Designs & Ideas #1: We engrave all our coasters with our laser cutter that precisely carves out each unique wood piece. They’re perfect for gifting to a friend or resting your own drinks. Set of 4 wooden coasters, each individually waterproofed to last for years to come. Crafted from certified sustainable wood and made in our sunny LA studio.

Wooden Wall Art #1 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #14

Wooden Wall Art Designs & Ideas #1: Dimensions: Length: 52″, Height: 24″, Width: 4.25″. The Phoenix Wall Fixture is the end result of pure, mathematical random data when channeled correctly. Born of “Perlin noise”, this piece is a small snippet of an infinitely distorted plane in space-time. In its default form, the wall panel is comprised of 55 vertical pieces of 1/2 inch Baltic Birch plywood attached with screws to three horizontal wooden bars across the back.The Phoenix Wall Fixture can be altered from its natural light-brown color, and can be stained or painted in a variety of different color options.