Weaverbird Weave Ball Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Weaverbird Weave Ball

In this Grasshopper tutorial you will learn how to model a simple smooth mesh ball by using the Weave component from the Mesh+ plugin combined with Weaverbird.

Mesh Bridge Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Mesh Bridge

In this grasshopper definition, you can connect a series of meshes together be selecting the bridging faces.

Star Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird Plugin

Star Mesh

In this grasshopper definition, you can model an organic mesh by using the Mesh+ Plugin and Weaverbird.

Weaving Pattern Grasshopper3d Plugin Mesh+ Weaverbird Plugin

Weaving Pattern

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a weaving pattern on a parametric revolution surface. First, we will extract a portion of the surface and convert it into a mesh. Then we will use the Mesh+ Plugin to model the Pattern.

Mesh+ Virus Grasshopper3d Definition weaverbird plugin

Mesh+ Virus

In this grasshopper definition, you can use the mesh+ Plugin to model a parametric virus-like mesh! finally, a Catmull-Clark subdivision can smooth the final result.

Catenary Pavilion Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird Definition

Catenary Pavilion

In this grasshopper definition by generating two sets of catenary arches, you can create a parametric shell . Then you can use the mesh+ plugin to produce a weave pattern on the surface.