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Snapping Mechanical Metamaterials

Snapping Metamaterials

In this video by Ahmad Rafsanjani you can see snapping mechanical metamaterials under tension. The response of highly deformable architectures can be programmed to impart a series of desirable functionalities, such as extraordinary geometric changes and conformational rearrangements.

Flexible Mechanical Metamaterials

Flexible Metamaterials

The subject of this article by Katia Bertoldi, Vincenzo Vitelli, Johan Christensen and Martin van Hecke is Flexible Mechanical Metamaterials. Mechanical metamaterials exhibit properties and functionalities that cannot be realized in conventional materials.

Mechanical Metamaterials

Mechanical Metamaterials

Katia Bertoldi of Harvard held a holey plastic metamaterial that looked like a pink Connect Four board, with a regularly repeating arrangement of holes. When squeezing the material, some holes became horizontal ovals, as you would expect in an ordinary material.

Metamaterials Islamic Pattern

Metamaterials Islamic Pattern

Ahmad Rafsanjani and Damiano Pasini of McGill University in Montreal, set out to create a new class of futuristic materials that grow when stretched and get their abilities from the geometries of ancient Islamic art. They could be useful in medical devices and satellites.