Masonry screen walls optimization

Masonry Walls

This project by Elena Vazquez, proposes a digital framework for optimizing the environmental performance of masonry screen walls through shape configuration. The development of the proposed “smart” low-tech framework relies on several computational design methods.

Rain Water Catcher

Rain Water Catcher

The “Rain Water Catcher,” by Nuru Karim, Nudes, a design proposal for an iconic tower in San Jose aims to address the global impact of climate change by advocating the need for water conservation towards the reduction of carbon footprint.

Timescapes 3D Printed Pavilion

Timescapes Pavilion

Timescapes by AIRLAB, is a 3D printed pavilion that commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The form of the capsule represents the cyclical nature of time: a periodic surface peels from the ground.

Gyroid Mullion

Gyroid Mullion

The thesis explores various aspects of the application that extend from a rapid modeling method of gyroid structure, experiments, and simulations along with theoretical values for mechanical and thermal properties of gyroid, to topology optimization…

robotically assembled spatial structures

Assembled Spatial Structures

This paper presents a design strategy for a lightweight steel structure assembled by two robots. The developed structure describes a novel typology of spatial structures and consists of steel tubes that form spatial configurations.

Structural Acoustic Optimization

Structural Acoustic Optimization

This thesis by Jonathan Michael Broyles, performs an investigation of structural and acoustic behavior for shaped concrete slabs with curved, non-standard geometry. Nine unique geometric variables were used to define and shape concrete slabs.

Sustainable Digital Fabrication

Sustainable Fabrication

The aim of this doctoral thesis by Isolda Agusti Juan, is to identify the sustainability risks and opportunities associated with the implementation of digital fabrication in construction.

Robotically-Constructed Metal Frame Structures

Metal Frame Structures

In this paper, authors present a computational technique that aids with the design of structurally-sound metal frames, tailored for robotic fabrication using an existing process that integrates automated bar bending, welding, and cutting.

Optimization for Digital Fabrication

Optimization for Digital Fabrication

This thesis by Yvonne Rebecca Stürz, deals with two main aspects of digital fabrication: Firstly, the automation of complex construction tasks through efficient distributed control of multi-robot systems, and secondly…

Robotically Fabricated Ice Formwork

Ice Formwork

This document by Enrico Pontello, Martin Tamke and Vasily Sitnikov, focuses on the exploration of casting complex concrete architectural elements with ice formwork.

London Timber Pavilion

London Timber Pavilion

London Timber Pavilion by Schiller Projects, is a project that focuses on the mindful redesign of two outdoor terraces in a metropolitan setting. The pavilion, was crafted by steam bending individual oak petals to create a self-supporting canopy.

Boxel Pavilion


The experimental pavilion BOXEL was designed and realized by students of the architecture department during the last summer semester on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold.

Knitting Behavior

Knitting Behavior

This thesis, explores computation as a communicative device between the physical and the digital, establishing a conversation between a material assembly and a digital model as a tool to inform the logic of the assembly’s internal organization.

Massing Optimization

Massing Optimization

This research by Obando Erik,  evaluates a methodology where PD and BIM modelling are coupled since the conceptual design stage. For this purpose, a residential building with a pixel/pop-out architectural concept is developed in its conceptual phase.

tOpos Table Grasshopper3d

tOpos Table

In this grasshopper example file you can use the tOpos plugin to optimize a stand for a table.

Geometry Informs Algorithm

Geometry Informs Algorithm

This paper proposes an extension to an existing algorithmic design framework for the design exploration, analysis, and optimization of facades to support a Textual Programming Language-based approach that handles Visual Input Mechanisms.

Geometry of Structures

Geometry of Structures

This dissertation shows how the design of constrained structural systems is better solved by an inverse form-finding process, where the parameters and initial conditions of the direct form-finding process are automatically adjusted to match the design intent.

Timber Joints Fabrication

Timber Joints

This paper will explore how the Dougong components could be reinvented through the use of parametric tools and robotic fabrication methods and thus applied to contemporary architectural structures.

Evolutionary Materialism

Evolutionary Materialism

This thesis by Magnus Larsson is an investigation into how meta-heuristic multi-objective optimisation processes (genetic algorithms driven by evolutionary solvers) can bring about materials-related advantages in architectural performance.

Daylight Optimization Parametric Atrium Design

Daylight Optimization

This thesis by Orn Erlendsson investigates the design of atria for daylighting in large scale buildings. A three dimensional test building with a central atrium was constructed and various parameters of the atrium altered.

Topology Optimized Hemispherical Shell

Optimized Shell

This thesis by Grace Melcher considers the design of a topology optimized hemisphere, a hemispherical continuous shell, and a hemispherical grid shell, and compares the structural performance of these three shells under asymmetric loads.

Robotic Contouring

Robotic Contouring

This paper by Andrei Gheorghe, Philipp Hornung, Sigurd Reiss and Robert Vierlinger provides insight into a new robotic plastic forming process through the prototypical construction of a full scale structure.

SmartNodes Pavilion

SmartNodes Pavilion

This paper investigates the potential for combining standard building materials with customised nodes that are individually optimised in response to local load conditions in non- standard, irregular, or doubly curved frame structures.

Optimization of Patterned Structures

Patterned Structures

This thesis by Diego Alfonso Rivera advances a recent work on the optimization of patterned surface structures used for architecture and structural engineering.

Changing space and sound: parametric design

Space and Sound

This thesis by Christopher W. Norton examines the potential for parametric design software to create performance based design using acoustic metrics as the design criteria.

Form finding and Size Optimization

Form Finding and Optimization

The purpose for the thesis has been to advance SMART Form by implementing beam elements and explore how bending action can be used in the form finding process, allowing for a compromise between initial geometry and fully form found geometry.

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Using an integrated workflow with parametric design, Computational Fluid Dynamic and Fast Fluid Dynamic simulations, structural analysis and optimization, this paper, evaluates the relative suitability of CFD and FFD simulations for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization.

Nuit Blanche Pavilion a lightweight structure

Nuit Blanche Pavilion

The Nuit Blanche Pavilion is a recent project by Gernot Riether in collaboration with artist Damien Valero. The project takes advantage of an elastic behavior found in high-density elastomers to form a lightweight structure.

Biological Computation for Digital Design

Biological Computation

In this paper by Neri Oxman et al. the formation of non-woven fibre structures generated by the Bombyx mori silkworm is explored as a computational approach for shape and material optimization.

Performative Building Elements

Building Elements

This thesis by Michael Patrick Makris, describes the development, testing, and findings of a Rhino-Grasshopper toolset developed to encourage real-time parametric design form experimentation through immediate integrated structural analysis feedback.