Twisted Klein Bottle Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh Tools Parakeet Plugin

Twisted Klein Bottle

In this grasshopper definition, you can model a Klein bottle using Parakeet’s plugin. Then you can twist the mesh around an axis and finally create a contour from the mesh and extract the curves.

Parakeet Pattern Pt Attractor

9- Parakeet Pattern

In this example file you can use the grasshopper’s different grids combined with Parakeet’s Genotype A to produce interesting Patterns

Transformed Patterns Grasshopper3d Definition Parakeet Chromodoris Millipede Plugin

Transformed Patterns

In this grasshopper definition you can use one of the Parakeet’s Plugin patterns. First we have transformed the pattern and then used the Millipede plugin to model a minimal surface between the two layers.

Curve Mapping Grasshopper3d Definition 3D Pattern Parakeet Lunchbox Plugin

Curve Mapping

In this grasshopper definition by using the Parakeet’s pattern genotype inside an hexagon, you can model a parametric pattern model.

Kaleidoscope Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition Parakeet Plugin

Kaleidoscope Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by defining a base pattern you can generate a kaleidoscope by using the Parakeet plugin.

Geodesic Dome Grasshopper3d Tutorial Parakeet Weaverbird Plugin

Geodesic Dome

In this Grasshopper tutorial we are going to use the Parakeet’s Geodesic dome component and then combine it with Weaverbird to model some different variants of the main Geodesic mesh model.

Simple Islamic Pattern Grasshopper3d Tutorial Parakeet Plugin

8- Simple Islamic Pattern

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to use a simple technique to make the modeling of the islamic star pattern easier.First we are going to define two parameters for the pattern control and then we are going to give it a thickness.

Spherical Maze Grasshopper3d Definition Parakeet Plugin 3D Pattern

Spherical Maze

In this grasshopper definition you can model a parametric maze on a sphere by rebuilding two layers of curves.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Radial Scissor

In this grasshopper definition by using the Parakeet Plugin you can model a radial scissor mechanism by defining the number of elements , width , size and also the radius of the holes which connect the elements together.