Antisnub Effect on Shortest Walk

Antisnub Effect on Shortest Walk

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric 3d form by using shortest walk from random generated points and add antisnub component from the mesh+ plugin.

Shortest Walk Table Grasshopper3d Definition

Shortest Walk Table

In this grasshopper example file by using the shortest walk plugin and a series of random points you can model an organic parametric table.

2D Venation Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

2D Venation Pattern

In this Grasshopper definition, you can define a planar closed curve and a series of points for the branching base locations. use the Shortest walk plugin to find the nearest distance between the starting point and the branches. Finally, you can give it a thickness.

Shortest Walk Grasshopper3d Plugin

Shortest Walk

The ShortestWalk add-on for Grasshopper exposes one component which, given a network of curves and a list of lines, calculates the shortest route from line start point to line end points in a network. It is based on a topology calculator and the A* search algorithm.