Millipede Bridge Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Millipede Bridge

In this ParaCourse lesson, we are going to model a parametric bridge in grasshopper3d and then use Millipede to analyze the structure and max deflection.

Geometry and Performance of Timber Gridshells

Timber Gridshells

This thesis by Dragos-Iulian Naicu, upon reviewing the design and construction processes of previous timber gridshells, puts forward a structural model that aims to represent the true nature and specifics of single and double- layered timber gridshells.

Generico Chair

Generico Chair

German designers Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich nether have produced the ‘generico chair’, a product based on generative and additive manufacturing technologies. the process for developing the form involved a detailed analysis of structural performance.

Realtime Structural Design

Realtime Structural Design

The present thesis by Daniel Akesson aims to integrate structural feedback with geometric modeling. The user interfaces of conceptual design tools should be interactive and agile enough to follow the designer’s iterative workflow.

Structural Evaluation Assistant

Structural Evaluation

The goal of this research by Lukáš Kurilla is to raise interest of architects in structural behavior of design in its conceptual phase. Therefore, this research deals with the development of a middleware – a bridging tool between the finite element (FE) solver (OOFEM) and the architectural modeller (Rhino3D).