Parametric Structural Analysis and Optimization

Structural Optimization

This research by Nixon Wonoto examines the implementation of structural optimization in the architectural schematic design phase; investigate the accessibility and usability of existing architectural structural optimization tools.

An Architectural Implementation of Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization

This thesis by Soo Jung Woo explores the use of Topology Optimization in architectural design by implementing a Bidirectional Evolutionary Structural Optimization type TO script as a guide to create a composition of discrete members with complex geometries. 

Evolutionary Optimization of Parametric Structures Understanding Structure and Architecture as a whole from Early Design Stages

Evolutionary Optimization

This thesis by Aitor Almaraz aims to explore the possibilities of the implementation of parametric design as a linking tool for architectural spatial decisions, structure and costs -in economic and energetic terms-  to analyze and determine their performance.

Freeform Architecture

Freeform Architecture

In this study by Viktoria Henriksson and Maria Hult, rationalization in terms of different surface discretization methods has been a main focus. It also explores multi-objective optimization. The structure is designed parametrically in the Rhinoceros plugin Grasshopper and structurally analysed with the FE add-on Karamba.