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Parametric Articulation - Thesis

Parametric Articulation

In the world today, actual concerns for human experience and climate change obligate professional disciplines related to the building industry to explore more innovative design solutions.

Point Support Optimisation of Plate and Shell Structures

Point Support Optimisation

This thesis deals with the development of a tool intended for automatic optimization of point support distribution for plate and shell structures. In an architectural context point supported plate or shell constellations are typically represented by doubly-spanning, in situ concrete systems carried by columns.

Computational Architecture

Computational Architecture

The objective of this PhD research is to investigate how best to use computational search processes in the early phase of design. Search algorithms are implemented in combination with parametric models of different kinds of geometry, with the purpose of studying various building performances.

Efficient Complex Geometries - Parametric Design

Efficient Complex Geometries

The purpose of this research is to assess daylight performance of buildings with climatic responsive envelopes with complex geometry that integrates shading devices in the façade. To this end two case studies are chosen due to their complex geometries and integrated daylight devices. The effect of different parameters of the daylight devices is analysed through Climate base daylight metrics (CBDM).

Architecture + Digital Fabrication

Architecture + Digital Fabrication

In this research thesis you can learn about parametric design and robotic construction through a few projects like: Pre-fabricated house, Façade prototype, 3d extruded structures, Trauma center and Innsbruck pavilions.

Pan Climatic Humans

Pan Climatic Humans

This thesis asks if and how we can design spaces of everyday life that not only satisfy a basic thermal need but also encourage occupant participation in the shaping of microclimates, promote thermally-based social cohesion, and do so using only on passive means.