Cooperative Robotic Fabrication

Cooperative Robotic Fabrication

This paper by Andreas Thoma, David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Augusto Gandia, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, presents a novel constructive system made solely of wood, enabled by a cooperative robotic fabrication process.

Elastic Bending

Elastic Bending

Taking place at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, University of British Columbia, and led by research associates David Correa and Oliver David Krieg of the Institute for Computational Design; the workshop explored elastic bending of large scale timber sheets.

Designing structures with tree forks

Structures with Tree Forks

Naturally occurring branching tree forks seem to exhibit outstanding strength and material efficiency. This thesis by Ishani Desai advances the use of tree forks as a natural connection in structures through two specific contributions.

Complex Timber Structures

Complex Timber Structures

This thesis by Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska presents methods for designing novel types of timber bar structures arising from new robot-based fabrication and assembly processes.

Timber Structures in a Parametric Environment

Timber Structures

The starting point of this Master’s thesis by LUKAS NORDSTRÖM and AGNES ORSTADIUS is the linear design process of timber production company Martinsons.

Parametric Design of Connections for Timber Gridshell Structures

Digital Workflow

This study by Helle Stam Faugstad and Øyvind Sunnvoll Rognes focuses on developing connections in timber gridshells. With a flexible digital workflow, the user can automatically generate structurally valid gridshell connections.

GluLamb Grasshopper3d Plugin for modelling free-form timber structures


GluLamb by Tom Svilans is a toolkit for modelling free-form timber structures in Rhino 6. This software has come out of the PhD project Integrated material practice in free-form timber structures.