tOpos Headphone Stand

In this grasshopper example file you can use the tOpos plugin to optimize a headphone stand.

Algorithm by: Kiyarash Kiyani

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  • Cfeldman

    Please ,can you see the attachement here….
    I do not understand very well, …
    but it seems that with my “Hands Plugin Optimization” —(created in 1817!)—
    the optimization is better?
    mm ….

    • rezae

      Hi Claudio,

      The goal and the method are two important factor for choosing an optimizer.
      Yes it looks great I’m so curios to find your optimization method. The tOpos Plugin works on some conditions and it’s a solution to a small fraction of optimization problems.

      Many thanks.

  • Cfeldman

    1-Honestly, I am still looking to learn from ‘Optimizing Structures’,
    and these formal result surprised me a bit!-ha-, although I think that “Topos” must be very good.
    2-I have also been behind to learn “Ameba” plugin,
    which is another Structural Optimization plugin, but it is paid and maybe a bit expensive, …. but super-attractive.
    3-RV2 is incredibly clear, for Domes and Funicular Compression Forms.
    If you have anything in mind about Ameba? That would be great.

    Thank you ( Learn a lot from your site, very useful!)
    ………………………………………….. ……..

  • rezae

    Hi Claudio,

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Yes Ameba seems interesting and powerful optimizer, but I’ve never tried it.