• VanessaSabrina

    Hi !

    How is this element being optimised possibly onto a sphere ?

    • rezae

      Hi Vanessa!

      Do you mean a sphere made from this geometry? If you mean, it’s not possible it needs to be written in whole different way

  • Vanessa Sabrina Zoll

    Hi Rezae

    thank you for your answer ! How would I start ? I am Python beginner …

  • rezae

    Hi Vanessa I’ve emailed you the mapping method which I though is the easiest way, however I think It can be written in a better way.
    I think best practice for learning Python is to rewrite your Grasshopper scripts in Python just by using ghpythonlib library. I know that some of grasshopper commands are not included in ghpythonlib but I think this practice can help you alot.

    Thank you for your attention

    • Deval

      Hii, could i also have the mapping, I would like to re-iterate this.

    • rezae

      Sure! I will email you the script.

  • Aida77

    could I buy this file separately?