Voronoi Cell

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will talk about the Voronoi cell component and how you can combine it with weaverbird to produce smooth mesh. First, we will talk about the center point and the neighbors and then by defining the bounding box, you can produce the Voronoi cell.

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  • cfeldman


    Good day
    When I try to use the “clipping plane”, in this tutorial, I don’t know why I don’t achieve the same situation as in the video.
    — Sometimes, I see that while the clipping plane is well placed, and I aim the arrow to one side or the other, I can’t see anything? I can’t understand why?
    Could you help me understand that tool <?
    Maybe I need to configure the clipping plane in some special way, in order to see the different sections? – on display or something like that? -.

  • cfeldman

    Resolved ! ( Thanks – activate the window mode in w.visualisations).Ok. / Sorry