Voxelize Blobs

In this grasshopper definition by using the Stella3d plugin you can simulate a series of particles which try to reach defined point targets and then voxelize them by using Cocoon, you can also refine it as an additional step.

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  • cfeldman

    A little difficult to understand how this plugin works,……..
    …. beyond being able to see how it works,
    …. it seems complicated to be able to draw some conclusion,
    …. I can only see a result from commands that I never use -” environement”-“show stars”-“big bang “-.”clayoo”.. ……….. ??.
    sorry,but what is this finally ?
    how can i control the final form that i am searching create ???.

    • erfanrezaei_

      Hi, Thanks for using Stella3D.
      We are making this plugin simpler in upcoming version, but for more information about particle systems and their behavior please check the link below :
      By Daniel Shiffman, these tutorials are written in processing language but they are really helpful and inspiring. Despite that these tutorials explain how a particle system works.

      Also you can see the Stella3D tutorial from parametric house team to find out more:

      Parametric House

  • cfeldman

    ( seems interessant but incomprehensible )

  • stmoen

    Couldn’t get this to work with Stella V2. Had to remove it and reinstall the original Stella. Any chance of getting it to work with Stella V2?

  • rezae

    There are some differences that makes V2 not compatible with V1 But You can simply find the idea behind the V1 examples and make it on V2
    I’ve attached V2 version of the example here in this comment.

    Let me know if you face any other problem or if you have any question.

    Many thanks

  • John Crayne

    Hi! I am a student at Clemson University. I am trying to achieve this voxel blob effect as a facade for our project. I have some experience with SubD surfaces and little experience with grasshopper. Is there anyone that could help with the project and guide me through this?

    • rezae

      Hi John,
      My colleague will contact you as soon as possible.

  • yuri

    I love blobs very much, all living things are created from them. thanks for your work. I can’t download the definition, how can I do it ?maybe there are special programs for creating organic vessels and blobs?

    • rezae

      Hi Yuri, you have to involve in our Course membership to download the scripts.
      The scripts in Parametrichouse run in Rhino + Grasshopper environment.

      All the best,