Voxelize Blobs

In this grasshopper definition by using the Stella3d plugin you can simulate a series of particles which try to reach defined point targets and then voxelize them by using Cocoon, you can also refine it as an additional step.

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  • cfeldman

    A little difficult to understand how this plugin works,……..
    …. beyond being able to see how it works,
    …. it seems complicated to be able to draw some conclusion,
    …. I can only see a result from commands that I never use -” environement”-“show stars”-“big bang “-.”clayoo”.. ……….. ??.
    sorry,but what is this finally ?
    how can i control the final form that i am searching create ???.

    • erfanrezaei_

      Hi, Thanks for using Stella3D.
      We are making this plugin simpler in upcoming version, but for more information about particle systems and their behavior please check the link below :
      By Daniel Shiffman, these tutorials are written in processing language but they are really helpful and inspiring. Despite that these tutorials explain how a particle system works.

      Also you can see the Stella3D tutorial from parametric house team to find out more:

      Parametric House

  • cfeldman

    ( seems interessant but incomprehensible )