Weaverbird Weave Ball

In this Grasshopper tutorial you will learn how to model a simple smooth mesh ball by using the Weave component from the Mesh+ plugin combined with Weaverbird.

First step is to define a mesh sphere using “Mesh Sphere Ex” component from Mesh+ plugin, Mesh menu > Primitive tab. The “Count” input would determine the number of faces you have on your mesh sphere.

Then you can use the “Weave” component which is a combination of the Mesh+ plugin and Weaverbird plugin to have two interwoven meshes on each face of your mesh sphere. You can give your mesh sphere to the “G” input, “T0” and “T1” inputs would determine the width of the woven mesh at the edges and at the center, finally the “D” input can determine the distance between two interwoven meshes.

Now using “Weaverbird’s Mesh Thicken” component and defining a distance, you can offset your interwoven meshes and turn them into a closed solid.

The final step is to smooth this 3d pattern you’ve created. “Weaverbird’s Catmull-Clark Subdivision” would do that for you.

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We have also made a more advanced example file with this definition. You can use a cylindrical surface to model a parametric ring with this definition similar to the image above.

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