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Latest Lessons & Examples

In this Grasshopper example file you can circle pack by shrinking a boundary using the Kangaroo plugin.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, you can learn how to calculate the direct sun hours on a boundary around a building using the Ladybug plugin.

In this grasshopper Heteroptera example file you can generate a Minimum Spanning Tree pattern on a parametric ring.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, you will learn how to use the Shortest Walk plugin to generate a venation pattern on a NURBS surface by defining point attractors.

In this Grasshopper example file, you can use the Anemone plugin to design a polar array of branching fractals and then use the Dendro plugin to convert it into a mesh for 3dprinting.

In this Rhino Grasshopper Kangaroo Example file you can design a parametric building by grabbing the base roof in Rhino and deforming it.

In this Grasshopper Kangaroo example file, you can design a parametric shell between two curves by incorporating wind force into the Kangaroo simulation.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, you will learn how to model a series of growing particles from a base Nurbs surface towards a column.

In this Grasshopper tutorial for beginners, you can design a parametric structure by defining only 3 points and the number of divisions and using the dispatch technique.