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In this grasshopper example file You can design a parametric brick wall and rotate the bricks based on their distance from point attractor

This Paper by Dr.-Ing Martin TRAUTZ presents a method of developing the folding plate principles on spatial structures also with irregular and freeform geometries.

In this grasshopper example file you can generate a parametric facade by defining a series of parameters for the rotation of the windows.

n this grasshopper example you can use the Anemone Plugin to create a polygonal pattern by moving each vertices.

This paper was edited by Berfu Ayhan, is about the use of crystal metaphor traces, a discontinuous emergence at the intersections between humanity- natural history and architectural thought, where nature has been accepted to develop human experience in creating arts.

In this grasshopper example file you can create a tensile structure based on polygon by using the kangaroo2 plugin.

This paper was edited by Rudi Stouffs and Sevil Sariyildiz, aims to investigate the use of building performance simulation tools as a method of informing the design decision of NZEBs.

This exhibition was curated by Michael Stacey, explores the relationship between architecture, manufacturing techniques and digital technology.

In this grasshopper Example file you can use the Topos Plugin to optimize a table based on Topology Optimization. First you have to define the constraints and alos the surface you want to reach.

In this grasshopper example file you can model different structures by using the kangaroo plugin and defining a relaxing Mesh.

This paper by Kas Oosterhuis, is about a pavilion for the world horticultural exhibition Floriade 2002 designed by ONL. The pavilion is a spaceship, a closed autonomous object that landed on the Floriade. Architecturally, there is no distinguishable difference between wall, floor or ceiling.

In this grasshopper example file, you can simulate the fluid particles movement by using the flexhopper plugin.

In this Beginner Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial we are going to model a polygonal concrete Planter from scratch and then use the Pufferfish plugin to give it a thickness.

This essay by Nikolas Patsavos and Yannis Zavoleas, present working collaboratively on the role and nature of architecture theory in the discipline of architecture, gathered in Chania in the summer of 2010, in order to focus on the collateral relations between digital/material and depth/surface.

In this grasshopper example file You can Design a parametric brick wall by defining a series of point attractors.

This article that guest-edited by Rivka Oxman and Robert Oxman, announces a new order in design and construction.

In this Grasshopper example file you can use Physarealm plugin which simulates a slime mold's growth to generate different tower forms and shapes.

This article by Ajla Aksamija, John Haymaker and Abbas Aminmansour, explores interdisciplinary approaches that address advanced materials, building technologies, environmental and energy concerns, computational design, automation in construction and design delivery methods.