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Latest Lessons & Examples

In this Grasshopper contour tutorial, we will learn how to extract a series of solids from a part of a mesh by defining the direction and length with a single line.

In this Grasshopper Kangaroo tutorial, we will model a parametric mesh pavilion by simply defining the top curve and the location and profile of the columns.

In this Grasshopper Kangaroo tutorial, we will learn how to model a parametric tower by defining two curves and then diagonalizing the mesh.

In this Grasshopper Kangaroo tutorial, we will learn how to create a mesh with controllable anchor points and n-gon polygons.

In this Grasshopper Architecture tutorial, we will model a parametric building facade and create a checkerboard pattern on the panels.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, we will generate parametric noise on an icosahedron mesh using the Nautilus plugin.

You can convert a series of planar closed curve boundaries into a Quad Remesh using this free Grasshopper Script.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, you can develop a parametric MERO joint with details for conic connections, sleeve parts, and pipes. Finally, we will project it for documentation purposes

In this Grasshopper short tutorial, we will learn how to split a solid into two parts by defining splitting heights.