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A deployable structure is a structure that can reconfigure and change shape/size mainly from folding and unfolding, and has many applications from daily essentials (e.g., umbrella), vascular stents, to solar panels for spacecraft.

In this Grasshopper Example File, you can design a reciprocal roof with the Ngon plugin and use an attract point to create different patterns.

In this Grasshopper Example File, you can use the Mesh+ plugin combined with Multipipe component to model a Parametric Dome.

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. One uncut square of paper can, in the hands of an origami artist, be folded into a bird, a frog, a sailboat, or a Japanese samurai helmet beetle. Origami can be extraordinarily complicated and intricate.

In this grasshopper example, you model a parametric brick wall and give it a 3D Pattern using the Parakeet plug-in.

In this Grasshopper Example File, You can generate a parametric joint using the tOpos plugin.

In this Grasshopper Example File, you can design a parametric retractable roof with variable division and rotation angles.

In this Grasshopper Script, you can convert a series of landing surfaces into stairs by defining their connections with lines.