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Parametric House LTD

Company registered in the UK

Company Number: 14167512

Mohammad Yazdi 
Computational Designer, CEO of Parametric House, Tutor

Mohammad is a computational designer (MS in Building Construction Technology & BS in Civil Engineering). His main interests are Parametric Design and subjects such as parametric modeling of Islamic Patterns, Structural studies on parametric forms, and also Automation in construction. he has also tutored Grasshopper and Parametric Design for more than 300 architectural students since 2010.

Erfan Rezaei
Computational Designer, Grasshopper developer

Erfan Rezaei Azari is an architecture enthusiast.
Erfan is quite curious about new methods of design especially has been fascinated by parametricism. It has come with putting his effort into learning Grasshopper and coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, and C#, that is used in the different design environment. Erfan is also skilled in both weak and strong AI which includes optimizing algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning.

Amirhossein Khazaei
Computational Designer, Grasshopper Developer

Amirhossein khazaei is an architecture student and computational designer who is thrilled by the concept of digital technology in architecture. Amirhossein’s interests are also centered on the topics of intelligent products and complex forms.

Kiarash Kiany
Computational Designer, Grasshopper Developer

Kiarash Kiany is a computational designer and enthusiast and he’s eager to learn and develop new means of design with the use of technology, he has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and is currently studying for his master’s degree in bionic architecture.

Zahra Ebrahimi
Computational Designer, Grasshopper Developer

Zahra Ebrahimi has a bachelor’s degree in architecture. She has completed her master’s degree in computational design and is interested in the Grasshopper plugin, developing algorithms, and fabrication.

Sogol Nopoosh
Computational Designer, Architect

Sogol Noopoosh is an architect with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, she is a computational design, technology, and kinetic architecture enthusiast. she is interested in finding new ways to develop forms and programs for architectural purposes.

Ali Ghadamyari
Computational Designer, Architect

As an architect, Ali is enthusiastic about Technology and how it can solve real-world problems in the architecture field. His design process is based on the discovery of solutions that can relate Algorithmic Thinking to architecture. He is always eager to learn more about architectural design and how it can improve our lives.

Danial Keramat
Computational Designer, BIM modeler

Danial is an architect (MSc. in Architectural Technology) with a passion for the rational side of architecture. He has professional experience in various fields such as Architectural Design, Computational Engineering for the AEC industry, and Digital fabrication of freeform structures. He is also skilled at Automating procedural tasks of BIM through programming.

Neda Rafizadeh
Computational Designer, Grasshopper Developer

Neda is an architect (B.Arch.) who has professional experience in architectural design. Due to her interest in fabricating her ideas and her curiosity about finding new methods of design, she entered the world of computational design and digital fabrication. She is a passionate learner and always seeks to experience new things.

Ali Shahrokhi
Civil Engineer, Content Manager

BS. in Civil Engineering and interested in new forms & Ideas. As a content manager, Ali collaborates with Parametric House and publishes new content on our Social Media platforms Daily.

Salar Anahid
Computational Designer, Grasshopper Developer

Salar is an architecture student and also experienced in graphic design and coding. The main interest of him is to combine his abilities to create new methods of design. He experienced different types of design in his career including architecture, graphics, etc. But he is always curious about new pieces of knowledge such as new methods of parametric design, simulation, prediction.

Fatemeh Naseri
Computational Designer, Content Manager

BS. in Architecture & MS. in Architectural Technology, Freelance Architect and Designer /Designing a rehabilitation center, a kindergarten & a residential complex /Structural optimization of a glasshouse with Grasshopper3d, Karamba, and Octopus /Form finding and design of timber gridshell structure, Design, and fabrication of parametric furniture/ As a content manager, Fatemeh collaborates with Parametric House and publishes new content on our Social Media platforms.