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Mohammad Yazdi 

Computational Designer, CEO of Parametric House

I’m a computational designer (MS in Building Construction Technology & BS in Civil Engineering). My main interest is Parametric Design and subjects such as parametric modeling of Islamic Patterns, Structural studies on parametric forms and also Automation in construction. I have tutored Grasshopper and Parametric Design for more than 300 architectural students since 2010.

email: yazdi@parametrichouse.com

 Want me to teach a workshop in your area?

Simply contact me and we’ll see what we can arrange. I’m happy to fly anywhere in the world to teach Grasshopper – just let me know where you are and how many people you could organize for a 2 or 3 Day Workshop (12 to 18 Hours). The workshop can be held in English and I will teach the Grasshopper Basics from Beginner to Advanced. The students will be also added to our One-Time Payment plan and can access our online Course Lessons forever!


Fatemeh Naseri

Computational Designer, Content Manager

BS. in Architecture & MS. in Architectural Technology, Freelance Architect and Designer (July 2011 – Present).

  • Designing a rehabilitation center, a kindergarten & a residential complex
  • Structural optimization of a glasshouse with Grasshopper3d, Karamba, and Octopus
  • Form finding and design of timber gridshell structure, Design and fabrication of parametric furniture

As a content manager, Fatemeh collaborates with Parametric House and publishes new content on our Social Media platforms.

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