Timescapes 3D Printed Pavilion

Timescapes Pavilion

Timescapes by AIRLAB, is a 3D printed pavilion that commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The form of the capsule represents the cyclical nature of time: a periodic surface peels from the ground.

Shapes of Sweden Biomimicry 3D Printing

Shapes of Sweden

The project Shapes of Sweden was developed for the Volvo Design Challenge that Lilian van Daal won in 2015. For this challenge she dived into the Swedish environment and the brand proposition of Volvo.

Exobiology digitally generated footwear


Revolutionary footwear brand Ica & Kostika launched their first collection, entitled ‘exobiology.’ The series was developed as an investigation of the future of shoe design through the fusion of fashion and computational technology.

Bloom Parametric Sculptures


Blooms are 3D printed sculptures designed by John Edmark to animate when spun under a strobe light. Unlike a 3D zoetrope, which animates a sequence of small changes to objects, a bloom animates as a single self-contained sculpture.

Fabric of the Living

Fabric of the Living

The Centre Pompidou in Paris opened its doors to two living sculptures, embodying the future forms of spatial intelligence. The exhibition, titled “La Fabrique du vivant” [The Fabric of the Living], featured “H.O.R.T.U.S. XL Astaxanthin.g” by ecoLogicStudio…

3D Printed Reinforced Beam

3D Printed Beam

The 3D Printed Reinforced Beam is part of the ongoing research of Digital Building Technologies into 3D printed, structural building components. Two-sided cantilevering beams, up to 4.5 meters long, are fabricated out of sandstone.

Digital Bamboo Pavilion

Digital Bamboo Pavilion

The Digital Bamboo Pavilion is designed by students of the Master in Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication 2019-2020 at the ETH Zurich and is based on research at the chair of Digital Building Technologies.

3D Printed Furniture

3D Printed Furniture

Commissioned by interior designer Kara Mann, Philipp Aduatz has created a large collection of custom-made 3D printed concrete furniture pieces for a private client in Chicago.

Hypar Vault

Hypar Vault

Italy-based New Fundamentals Research Group designed and built a full-scale prototype of an experimental barrel-vaulted stone structure for SNBR, a French company that specializes in cutting-edge stone construction.

ILABO 3D Printed Shoe


British designer Ross Lovegrove worked with Grasshopper software expert Arturo Tedeschi to create the tall fine mesh that shrouds the sole and the wearer’s foot like a curtain, and opens at the toe and heel.

Knit Patterned Flow Pavilion

Knit Patterned Pavilion

Knit Patterned Flow Pavilion by Dynamic Assemblies Lab is a spatial envelope formed by discrete knitted panels that seeks to amplify Singapore’s faint breezes to improve its interior and exterior thermal comfort.

3D Printed Staircase

3D Printed Staircase

IAAC and WASP present an innovative prototype of a 3D printed wall designed and engineered by IAAC and realised by Crane WASP within the Open Thesis Fabrication research, a programme of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

Boulevard Roundabout Pavilion

Roundabout Pavilion

MEAN* or Middle East Architectural Network has proposed an intervention for Expo 2020 Dubai. The Boulevard Roundabout Pavilion, an 8-meter structure, will be an unmissable iconic proposal that welcomes the public to the world event.

3D Printed House

3D Printed House

In 2019, mario cucinella architects and WASP began work on ‘TECLA’ — a 3D-printed habitat made entirely from reusable, recyclable materials taken from the local terrain.

Iridescence Interactive Collar


Iridescence is a 3D-printed, interactive Emotive Collar by Behnaz Farahi, inspired by the gorget of the Anna’s hummingbird. It is equipped with a facial tracking camera and an array of 200 rotating quills.

Concrete Choreography

Concrete Choreography

ETH Zurich has unveiled details of “Concrete Choreography,” an installation inaugurated in Riom, Switzerland. The installation presents the first robotically 3D printed concrete stage, consisting of columns fabricated without formwork.

Radiolaria 3D Printed Chair


The salient observation about the natural world’s smallest lifeforms provides designer Lilian van Daal the framework for exploring the functional forms of unicellular micro-organisms and turning it into, Radiolaria #1.

3D Print with Clay

3D Printing with Clay

Students at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario are bringing a whole new meaning to mixed media as they take on both 3D printing and the use of ancient clay building materials.

Jitterbox Auxetic Material


The Jitterbox is an example of an auxetic material: if you pull on it, it expands in all directions. The Jitterbox mechanism is due to Taneli Luotoniemi. Henry Segerman has made some 3D printed models…

3D Printed Eco Wall

Eco Wall

BANYAN Eco Wall by BigRep, the world’s first fully additively manufactured (AM) green wall with naturally integrated drainage and irrigation systems. The prototype features unprecedented innovations in design, functionality, technology and size.

3D Printed Hexagons

3D Printed Hexagons

This is a small geometric toy by mars gizmo that’s oddly satisfying to play with. It can be used as a desk decoration. Ideally you need 4 small magnets for this toy.

metal facade with 3D-printed mould

Metal Facade

Students from ETH Zurich have pioneered a method of casting complex, one-off architectural structures from metal in a 3D-printed mould. Deep Facade, a six-metre-high aluminium structure with ribbons of metal looped in an organic fashion.

3d Printed Kinetic Sculpture

3d Printed Sculpture

Henry Zwiefelhofer is an artist who designs amazing 3D printed kinetic sculptures. All parts of this sculpture is printed on MendelMax v3.

Chrolo kinetic timer


Traditional hourglass timers are an effective albeit antiquated way to perform timing, but is no longer the most graceful way to time tasks thanks to the Sparkpluck ‘Chrolo.’

Monocoque 3D Printed Structural Skin

Monocoque 2

French for “single shell,” Monocoque by Neri Oxman stands for a construction technique that supports structural load using an object’s external skin. This approach promotes heterogeneity and differentiation of material properties.

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print by Gramazio Kohler Research is the first large-scale architectural installation to be automatically printed by robotic machines.

Daedalus 3D Printed Pavilion

Daedalus Pavilion

Ai Build presented “Daedalus Pavilion”, a 3D printed architectural installation built by robots, as part NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam (28-29 September 2016). 

3D Printed Knit Necklace

Knit Necklace

Knit Necklace is an extension to Knit Series of earrings and bangles by Monocircus. The design accentuates the unique ‘knitted’ structure resulting in a fascinating one-of-a-kind necklace. 

Shukhov Stool

Shukhov Stool

The shukhov stool by Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich celebrates the visual style of the heritage Radio tower known as the Shukhov Tower in Moscow.

Horizon 3D Printed Lamp

Horizon Lamp

Combining 3D printing with venetian glass craftsmanship, architects Arturo Tedeschi, Michael Pryor, Pavlina Vardoulaki and Matteo Silverio have collaborated to produce a unique lighting design.