3D Print with Clay

3D Printing with Clay

Students at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario are bringing a whole new meaning to mixed media as they take on both 3D printing and the use of ancient clay building materials.

Jitterbox Auxetic Material


The Jitterbox is an example of an auxetic material: if you pull on it, it expands in all directions. The Jitterbox mechanism is due to Taneli Luotoniemi. Henry Segerman has made some 3D printed models…

3D Printed Eco Wall

Eco Wall

BANYAN Eco Wall by BigRep, the world’s first fully additively manufactured (AM) green wall with naturally integrated drainage and irrigation systems. The prototype features unprecedented innovations in design, functionality, technology and size.

3D Printed Hexagons

3D Printed Hexagons

This is a small geometric toy by mars gizmo that’s oddly satisfying to play with. It can be used as a desk decoration. Ideally you need 4 small magnets for this toy.

metal facade with 3D-printed mould

Metal Facade

Students from ETH Zurich have pioneered a method of casting complex, one-off architectural structures from metal in a 3D-printed mould. Deep Facade, a six-metre-high aluminium structure with ribbons of metal looped in an organic fashion.

3d Printed Kinetic Sculpture

3d Printed Sculpture

Henry Zwiefelhofer is an artist who designs amazing 3D printed kinetic sculptures. All parts of this sculpture is printed on MendelMax v3.

Chrolo kinetic timer


Traditional hourglass timers are an effective albeit antiquated way to perform timing, but is no longer the most graceful way to time tasks thanks to the Sparkpluck ‘Chrolo.’

Monocoque 3D Printed Structural Skin

Monocoque 2

French for “single shell,” Monocoque by Neri Oxman stands for a construction technique that supports structural load using an object’s external skin. This approach promotes heterogeneity and differentiation of material properties.

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print by Gramazio Kohler Research is the first large-scale architectural installation to be automatically printed by robotic machines.

Daedalus 3D Printed Pavilion

Daedalus Pavilion

Ai Build presented “Daedalus Pavilion”, a 3D printed architectural installation built by robots, as part NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam (28-29 September 2016). 

3D Printed Knit Necklace

Knit Necklace

Knit Necklace is an extension to Knit Series of earrings and bangles by Monocircus. The design accentuates the unique ‘knitted’ structure resulting in a fascinating one-of-a-kind necklace. 

Shukhov Stool

Shukhov Stool

The shukhov stool by Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich celebrates the visual style of the heritage Radio tower known as the Shukhov Tower in Moscow.

Horizon 3D Printed Lamp

Horizon Lamp

Combining 3D printing with venetian glass craftsmanship, architects Arturo Tedeschi, Michael Pryor, Pavlina Vardoulaki and Matteo Silverio have collaborated to produce a unique lighting design.

Asterism 3D printed connections


The Asterism projects by PATHfab serve as working prototypes for adapting any number of geometries into architectural, structural or furniture systems through the use of parametric strategies.

3D Printed Wheelchair

3D Printed Wheelchair

Designed in collaboration with Layer/Benjamin Hubert and Materialise, the GO was the result of two years of research, a wheelchair designed with a 3D-printed resin seat and TPU suspension sitting upon an aluminum insert.

3D-Printed Tire

3D-Printed Tire

Well known tire manufacturer Michelin introduces an airless, 3D printed tire made from recycled biodegradable like natural rubber, bamboo, paper, tin cans, wood, and plastic, which means it can be totally recycled after its life cycle.

3D Printed Candy

3D Printed Candy

The ChefJet and the ChefJet Pro are the latest from 3D Systems (the company that won Best Emerging Tech award at last year’s CES for the Cubify printer.) At CES, the company unveiled two 3-D printers that use sugar and water to crystallize frosting in real time.

Kinematics In Metal

Kinematics In Metal

This Kinematics piece by Nervous System was 3d-printed using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) in 18k gold by Cooksongold in collaboration with A3DM. This piece was fully articulated straight out of the printer and did not require any assembly.

Osteoid 3D-printed medical cast


Turkish industrial designer Deniz Karasahin of DK Design Studio designed this user-friendly 3D-printed medical cast which can revolutionize the treatment of broken bones.

3D Printed Sculptural Vases

3D Printed Vases

Designer Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero, has created a unique way to give life back to used plastic water bottles. His idea was to create a 3D printed sculptural vase exterior, that can be placed over the top of a water bottle.

3D Printed Jewelry

3D Printed Jewelry

Hot Pop Factory created a collection of pieces that imitate patterns and textures found in nature, using a Makerbot Replicator to print every piece. After each piece is printed, it is put together by hand, making every single piece totally unique.

Fibonacci Series

Fibonacci Series

Nature and its structures are always a central theme in Lilian van Daal ’s work. In this 3D printed material exploration the sequence of Fibonacci was applied. Lilian is exploring whether this sequence can be used for the application and improvement of interior design products.

3D Printed Fabric

3D Printed Fabric

Designed by 3D print service Digits2Widgets as a means to demonstrate the possibilities of 3D printing, the “fabric” is quite flexible. So flexible it’s almost comfortable against your skin. It’s like cloth, as it droops when lifted.

Terraforming Fashion

Terraforming Fashion

Iris van Herpen designed a ready-to-wear collection for Fall/Winter 2015 in Paris, where she worked with other designers to create an edgy, 3D printed collection that explores terraforming.

3D Printed Art

3D Printed Art

Inspirational Printer Artists who use sophisticated computer software to create designs so complex that they can only be made by 3D printing. 

FLOTSAM & JETSAM 3d printed pavilion


These large-scale pavilions form an immersive entry environment to the 2016 Design Miami Exhibition. After SHoP Architects was awarded the 2016 Design Miami Visionary Award with an invitation to design the entry, the firm quickly reached out to Branch Technology

Triple S 3D Printing Fuses Thai Craftsmanship to Create Habitable Concrete Structures

Triple S

‘Triple S’ –developed in 2017– is based on traditional Thai craftsmanship to generate Surface, Structure, and Shelter in a single process; its specific artisanal form creating beautiful framework for structural purposes, easily building living spaces.

Arachne 3D Printed Facade


Arachne by Archi-Solution Workshop is a digital architectural endeavor to redefine an ordinary building with 3D printed components. It’s installed by the spatially intertwined lattices that hung on the building in the curtain wall mechanism.

3D Printed Whorl Lamps

Whorl Lamps

Whorl Lamps by Andrew Kudless, Matsys design studio are composed of three interconnected layers of 3D-printed nylon. The thinness of the material allows light to transmit through it while the curved geometry adds stiffness.

3D Printed Berkeley-Rupp Prize

Berkeley-Rupp Prize

Emerging Objects designed the physical representation of Berkeley—Rupp Prize for Architecture. It is a 3d object fabricated under the new paradigm of additive manufacturing to represent a new worldview about the role of architects in society.