Expandable Surface Pavilion

Expandable Surface Pavilion

This design by Pablo Esteban Zamorano, Nacho Martí and Jacob Bek, manifested into a small meeting room-pavilion that explores complex geometries generated from plywood sheets.

Urbach Tower Parametric Design

Urbach Tower

The Urbach Tower by itke/ICD Stuttgart is a unique wood structure. The design of the tower emerges from a new self-shaping process of the curved wood components. This pioneering development constitutes a paradigm shift in timber manufacturing.

[C]Space Pavilion

[C]Space Pavilion

Designed by Synthesis Design + Architecture in collaboration with Alan Dempsey, [C]Space is the winning entry in the AADRL10 Pavilion Competition.  It is an advanced technology concrete structure that was erected in Bedford Square London.

Elastic Bending

Elastic Bending

Taking place at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, University of British Columbia, and led by research associates David Correa and Oliver David Krieg of the Institute for Computational Design; the workshop explored elastic bending of large scale timber sheets.

Knit Patterned Flow Pavilion

Knit Patterned Pavilion

Knit Patterned Flow Pavilion by Dynamic Assemblies Lab is a spatial envelope formed by discrete knitted panels that seeks to amplify Singapore’s faint breezes to improve its interior and exterior thermal comfort.

Funicular Funnel Shell

Funicular Funnel Shell

Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Stuttgart used novel structural form-finding methods and simple fabrication techniques to design and construct a mushroom-like structure at the University’s main campus in Stuttgart, Vaihingen.

Boulevard Roundabout Pavilion

Roundabout Pavilion

MEAN* or Middle East Architectural Network has proposed an intervention for Expo 2020 Dubai. The Boulevard Roundabout Pavilion, an 8-meter structure, will be an unmissable iconic proposal that welcomes the public to the world event.

Caret 6

Caret 6

This pavilion is a 11-foot, steel vaulting structure known as Caret 6. Designed by OTA+ principle Kory Bieg and his 2013 design-build studio from the University of Texas’ (UT) Austin School of Architecture…

The Bolt Pavilion

The Bolt Pavilion

The Bolt by Giles Miller Studio is a temporary showroom for Detroit-based lifestyle brand Shinola in the heart of St. Johns Square in London. The building showcased neoteric louvre-generated facade concepts.

Parametric Furniture

Parametric Lounge Chair

Lorenzo Capanna is a young architect who designs sculptural furniture, one of a kind. The material he uses is wood, a more than contemporary choice, capable of looking to the future, maintaining a deep bond with tradition.

Lignum Pavilion

Lignum Pavilion

Designed by Frei+ Saarinen Architekten, the aim of the Lignum Pavilion is to inform the public about the possibilities of wood applications in the construction field.

mickey matter, robotically assembled furniture made of multiple standardised pieces

Mickey Matter

A new generation of research initiated by the bartlett school of architecture’s design computation lab looks into robotically assembled furniture, a process which is essentially lego-like building blocks which can be configured into complex forms.

Plywood Pavilion Parametric Design with grasshopper3d and digital fabrication

Plywood Pavilion

A 3019 piece non-hierarchical surface structure extends in three parts through the atrium of the architecture school at University of Nottingham, shaping the spatial configuration of the 2014 Graduate Exhibition.

Stone Pavilion Uses Traditional Form And Technology

Stone Pavilion

New Fundamentals Research Group, in partnership with S.N.B.R., designed and fabricated a stone vaulted pavilion for Rocalia, a natural stone fair held in Lyon. The structure’s foundation is a network of catenary curves which inform the vaults.

Spring Wood CNC Cut Chair

Spring Wood Chair

Created by designer Carolien Laro, the seating chattels are really made from wood and they will really flex when you sit on them.

F2 Parametric Pavilion

F2 Pavilion

The F2 Pavilion was designed and fabricated by University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) College of Architecture’s graduate students under the direction of Andrew Kudless, Director of Matsys.

Boolean Operator CNC Cut Pavilion

Boolean Operator Pavilion

Marc Fornes / The Very Many designed a large-scale sculptural outdoor pavilion on the elevated plaza of the Suzhou Center in China, as part of the Jinji Lake Biennial. Named ‘Boolean Operator’, the installation has been crafted from white aluminum.