Asymptotic Gridshell

Asymptotic Gridshell

This project by Denis Hitrec and Eike Schling, searching for methods to simplify the construction of double curved surfaces.

Quantum Memories Algorithmic Design

Quantum Memories

Exhibited on the largest LED screen that NGV has deployed to date, Quantum Memories is Refik Anadol Studio’s epic scale investigation of the intersection between Google AI Quantum Supremacy experiments, machine learning, and aesthetics of probability.

Y Installation

Y Installation

An international team of architects and fine carpenters in collaboration with the Finnish National Museum brings modern architecture into the Seurasaari open air museum in Helsinki, Finland, for the summer of 2017.

HORTUS BIONICA Interactive Installation


Studio Samira Boon presents its HORTUS BIONICA series, seeking to cultivate a healthy indoor environment that adapts to the needs of its occupants like a living ecosystem. the first two ‘sprouts’ of the new product series are entitled: sonic blossom and proxi flower.

Dynamic Wall

Dynamic Wall

The technology of the dynamic/dancing wall is presented as an installation and was first shown at the BIF architectural festival in Moscow. The architects faced the task of tying together the theme of the Theater year in the Russian Federation and the theme of Love.

Parametric Sculptures

Parametric Sculptures

Since 2001, McConnell Studios has created custom designed elements for public, commercial, and residential clients with the goal of enhancing the environments.

Sonumbra Responsive Installation


Loop.pH realized the first version of Sonumbra ( 2006) as a responsive play space in Mowbray Park, Sunderland. It is designed to respond to the interplay and activity of the people orbiting the umbrella.

Kinect Silhouette Reaction-Diffusion


Kinect Silhouette Reaction-Diffusion, Silhouect, is an experiment by CacheFlowe with a cheap reaction-diffusion technique which turned into a traveling interactive art piece.

About Face Kinetic Sculpture

About Face

Anthony Howe is a 3D kinetic sculptures who lives and works in a rural area in Eastsound Washington surrounded by little more than trees, wind, and other natural elements that inspire his incredible kinetic sculptures.

Fabric of the Living

Fabric of the Living

The Centre Pompidou in Paris opened its doors to two living sculptures, embodying the future forms of spatial intelligence. The exhibition, titled “La Fabrique du vivant” [The Fabric of the Living], featured “H.O.R.T.U.S. XL Astaxanthin.g” by ecoLogicStudio…

Urbach Tower Parametric Design

Urbach Tower

The Urbach Tower by itke/ICD Stuttgart is a unique wood structure. The design of the tower emerges from a new self-shaping process of the curved wood components. This pioneering development constitutes a paradigm shift in timber manufacturing.

Between Waves Installation

Between Waves

Artist Ling-Li Tseng specializes in creating a vibrant spatial experience by utilizing curvilinear elements. Her newly completed work locates in Bu-Dai township, Chiayi, a unique environment surrounded by the scent of ocean and earth.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Here’s a tantalizing clip of Kinetic Sand, an interactive table that responds to touch by creating plumes of sand that seem to whirl and dance around objects placed on top of it.

Epoch Installation Art


An epoch is defined by the moment of time chosen to be the origin of an era, a reference starting point from which time is measured. David Spriggs’ experiential artwork, Epoch gives shape to time and perception.

Entwine Art Installation


Entwine, Joshua Teo’s site-specific art installation made entirely out of recycled plastic tiles, is located at the Masjid Jamek Lookout Point. It serves as an open letter to both the authorities and to the public, addressing the city’s waste management predicament.

The Search of The Glow

The Search of The Glow

Artist Ling-li Tseng, in collaboration with serendipity studio, created a light installation called ‘the search of the glow’. Set amidst the forest, the minimalist, spectral installation boast a sphere shape made of wooden ovals.

Gateway Pavilion

Gateway Pavilion

The Waiheke Gateway Pavilion by Stevens Lawson Architects, washed ashore of Matiatia Bay forming a ceremonial entry to 2017’s Headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition. The skeletal architectural sculpture is an inventive elaboration on the New Zealand traditions.

Funan Kinetic Wall

Funan Kinetic Wall

A state-of-the-art multimedia installation that is a first-of-its-kind in Singapore– the Funan Kinetic Wall. Spanning 13 metres in height and 9 metres in width, the Kinetic Wall features a total of 1,271 motorised light blades.

Perceptual Art

Perceptual Art

Michael Murphy is an American artist and inventor known for his Perceptual Art. His technique, with a primary emphasis on the viewer’s perception, is best described as “illusions of images rendered in three dimensional space”.

Timber Wave Installation Art

Timber Wave

For the London Design Festival, award-winning architects Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A) and engineering firm Arup have simultaneously framed and opened up the Cromwell Road entrance to the V&A.

Salt Worldwide Interactive Installation

Salt Worldwide

The German Salt Museum in Luneburg updated its exhibition with an interactive installation entitled Salt Worldwide. This media installation concludes the tour through the museum, a former salt mine.

Zern Pavilion

Zern Pavilion

Vlad Kissel has installed Zern’, a wooden, teardrop-shaped pavilion, in one of moscow’s open squares. The structure’s main timber framework also contains other natural materials.

Elastic Bending

Elastic Bending

Taking place at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, University of British Columbia, and led by research associates David Correa and Oliver David Krieg of the Institute for Computational Design; the workshop explored elastic bending of large scale timber sheets.

Rust Mirror Interactive Installation

Rust Mirror

“Rust Mirror” is a mechanical sculpture that organizes 768 “rusty” rectangular pixels along a picture plane. Placing deliberate emphasis on the way motion passes through coordinates in a grid, the cascading vertical movement in this piece emphasizes tension between…

Wavelet Interactive Art Installation


Wavelet is an impressive interactive lighting installation developed by Chinese media group GeeksArt. It uses the changing light to mimic the flowing water. Wavelet is composed of 1,300 light-responsive light bulbs.

Mirror Mirror Installation

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror by SOFTlab was commissioned by the City of Alexandria’s Office of the Arts. The artwork takes the form of an opened circle, 25 feet in diameter and 8 feet high, that visitors can walk inside and around.

Seventeen Installation Art


The Seventeen installation by Nils Völker consists out of seventeen white cushions made from Tyvek hanging above the visitors heads in the exhibition “Scheinwerfer” at the Kunstmuseum Celle.

Rain Amplifier

Rain Amplifier

The Rain Amplifier by Matthijs la Roi Architects is a cedar-clad rain sculpture and stage, situated in the Catholic forest environment of Sint-Arnolduspark, Belgium.

Fragments interactive installation


Fragments is an interactive installation by Random International. Almost two hundred identical, small mirrors are arranged in a grid to form a flat, homogenous surface.