Amazing Science Gadgets

Oddly satisfying scientific curiosities featuring various engines with candles, ferrofluid toys, kinetic art that uses physics, optical illusions, various forms of dices, math toys/shapes and more mindblowing stuff!

Origami Practical Uses

Georgia Tech researchers find ways to use Origami as the structural basis for real world applications such as deployable antennas and bridges.

Auxetic Deformable Materials

kinetiX is a transformable material featuring a design that resembles a cellular structure. It consists of rigid plates or rods and elastic hinges. These modular elements can be combined in a wide variety of ways and assembled into multifarious forms.

Deployable Pavilion Transtudio

In this design activity, students designed a deployable (retractable) pavilion, a self-standing shell structure that is capable of altering from a very compact arrangement to an expanded configuration. To respond to changing scale, the structure obtains a transformational capacity that is provided through built-in mobility.

Diffusion Choir Sculpture

Diffusion Choir is a kinetic sculpture in Massachusetts that moves like a flock of birds. It’s comprised of 400 origami-like birds that perform a synchronized dance.

Shed Kinetic Architecture

The Shed’s concept is simple: It’s the 120-foot tall building that moves. This idea is both its architectural hallmark and its metaphor for the future of culture.

Tree of Life

For this monument with its advanced technology, constantly illuminated with LED lights, Koert Vermeulen & ACTLD created in total 1260 shows to produce the genuine dynamic effects through a play of light, video, water, fireworks, as well as bubbles and sounds.

installation Art - Kinetic Rain Singapore

installation Art #

In this installation art example we are taking a look at the Kinetic Rain Singapore as an example for the mechanism section. Kinetic Rain is an artwork designed for Terminal 1 at Singapore’s Changi Airport. The kinetic sculpture adds a contemplative element to the lively transit space of the departure hall. Kinetic Rain consists of [...]
Installation Art - David Cerny Kafka Head

Installation Art #3

In this installation art example we are taking a look at the David Cerny Kafka Head as an example for the mechanism section. Located in a busy shopping center in Prague, this twisting and reflective sculpture depicting the head of writer Franz Kafka is the latest kinetic artwork by controversial Czech artist David Cerny. Installed [...]
Kinetic Architecture #2 - Kirigami Paper Art

Kinetic Art #1

In this kinetic art we are taking a look at the Kirigami as an example for the mechanism section. Kirigami (切り紙) is a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper, rather than solely folding the paper as is the case with origami, but typically does not use glue. In the United States, the [...]
3D Printing Ideas #3 - Mechanisms

3D Printing Ideas #3

These models are incredible examples of what 3D Printing is capable of! In this video, you can take a look at Nautilus Gears, Gear Bearing, Reuleaux Triangle Bearing, Geneva Mechanism, Iris Box, Cube Gear.  

Kinetic Architecture - Al Bahar Towers

Kinetic Architecture #1

Completed in June 2012, the 145-meter towers’ Masharabiya shading system was developed by the computational design team at Aedas. Using a parametric description for the geometry of the actuated facade panels, the team was able to simulate their operation in response to sun exposure and changing incidence angles during the different days of the year. [...]
Installation Art #2 - Brixel Mirror

Installation Art #2

In this Installation art & Mechanism example we are taking a look at the Brixel Mirror from BREAKFAST. Brixel Mirror is a 18 foot wide by 6 foot-tall installation made up of 540 Brixels, black on one side and mirrored on the other. Brixel Mirror is the first installation built by BREAKFAST to utilize Brixels™. [...]

Installation art #1

In this Installation art & Mechanism example we take a look at the Solstice , the Kinetic Clock .Created by London-based design studio Animaro, Solstice is a clock that turns the passing of time into a moving artwork. It gradually changes shape throughout the day, opening and closing like a flower. Solstice is the second [...]