Voronoi on Surface

In this Grasshopper Script, you can generate Voronoi cells on a Nurbs surface and also define point & Curve attractors. these attractors can control the height or scale of the openings.

Voronoi on Surface
  • Base Surface : A Nurbs Surface for generating voronoi cells.
  • Panels Count : Number of panels.
  • U : Number of cells in the U direction.
  • V : Number of cells in the V direction.
  • Attractors: Attractors as point(s) or Curve(s).
  • Min Height : The minimum height of the cells
  • Max Height : The maximum height of the cells
  • Min Scale : The minimum Scale for the Openings
  • Max Scale : The maximum Scale for the Openings


  • Voronoi : The voronoi panels.
  • Openings: The Opening element of the panels.