Latest Free Examples

This example file by deals with the Golden Ratio.The rectangles whose dimensions were determined rotates around a center. this has been done by adding a rotation pattern.

The definition by Co-de-iT creates a specific Hitomezashi pattern.There are a Nurbs and a Mesh version of it.code by Andrea Graziano & Alessio Erioli, Co-de-iT 2020.

Here, Tuğrul Yazar studied a space-filling fractal called Gosper-Peano curve. You should have Anemone components installed in order to run this definition. The generator curve is a special one.

Luis Gil who is currently a candidate for a Master in Design Studies (MDesS) degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, developed a useful tool to dynamically create and edit staircases via Grasshopper.

In this grasshopper definition by Junichiro Horikawa you can model a series of wavy like curves with different distribution along the X axis.