In this grasshopper definition by Laurent DELRIEU you can model a symetric loxodrome on a sphere. It simply can be done in any revolution object. Laurent used equations from a wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhumb_line.


  • Cfeldman

    I don’t know how much this definition contributes, so complicated, …..
    understanding how it came out is not easy, ….
    and on the other hand, you can achieve the same:
    with a simple sphere + helix … –interesection between those elements–
    and then a simple pipe!
    To finish apply a metal to the pipe.
    Who wants to receive such a definition? …. what does it contribute?

  • Vidyaprem

    I share your expression, the complexity that this contains inside is much higher than a simple exposition, he would like very much to obtain the complete information, thank you