What is Grasshopper?

What is Grasshopper?

In this video we will talk about Grasshopper and the history of scripting vs visual programming language and why should we choose Grasshopper! First, we will take a look at the “Record History” in Rhino, Rhinoscript, macros and at the end, we will compare Grasshopper with other Visual programming languages.

20 Minutes

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Grasshopper Basics

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will teach you the grasshopper basics for beginners to advanced. First I will talk about the Grasshopper canvas and basically how Grasshopper works and then I will teach you how you can use the grasshopper tools to produce a smooth surface with Sweep1 and turn it into a mesh model. We will also cover the most used plugins in our tutorials.

55 Minutes

62 MB

Rhino Basics (Cplanes)

In this Rhino Basics Series, we will talk about the Cplanes in Rhino and how understanding it can help your model more professionally and faster. First, we will cover different Cplanes and then we will use it for splitting and trimming surfaces.

33  Minutes

212 MB


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    I down loaded your remap+ component and cannot get my Grasshopper to open it. I tried to drag it to the canvas, no luck. I then right clicked it and choose to open with Rhino, no luck. I then copied it to GH library again no luck, but this time I think the problem is that because I Choose to open it with Rhino, GH does not see it as a Gh file. I can’t figure out how to get Rhino to “let go” of it as it’s file type. It might be nice to have a tutorial showing how to create Remap+.