I am a jewelry designer and I think this course is one of the best sites to learn how to use Grasshopper. Mohammad Yazdi’s voice guides us through each tutorial and he shows us with pedagogy how to solve the different problems. His great strength is that he pushes us to think parametric. Thank you, Mohammad!

Bernhard Muller : Bijoutiers Switzerland

I am an incoming MArch student with no architecture background and my classes have been very rhino and grasshopper focused. Through your class, I have been able to take the learning at my own pace. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Ji Yoon

I first encountered Parametric House through their Grasshopper series on Youtube. The tutor has a very gentle and effective teaching style which makes it easy for a student to follow. In the Ultimate Course, the tutor explains the basics in easy to follow in-depth lessons and also can extend to greater complexity. Highly recommended and an excellent resource for anyone interested in Grasshopper and Rhino.

Martyn Milligan: Redmanuka.co.nz

The course has been incredibly good, as it is very clear and concise. I have had very good results at a technical and professional level. I very much appreciate the existence of this course. Thank you so much.

Eduardo Basich : Acapulco, Gro., México

I must say your tutorials are gold and lifesaver to me 🙂 Only after your lessons, I started to understand something in Grasshopper. Thank you for your work!


Learning Grasshopper is challenging and I was unable to find useable guides. The tutorials from Parametric House demonstrate the concepts clearly and provide a valuable reference repository. Well worth the investment.

Jack Bigio : bigiojewelry.com

Thank you. I’m starting grasshopper for a few days or so and, from far, your free videos are the best I’ve found. I love the way you show and explain the project before starting the course and the short theory you explain when doing something, It’s not boring nor overwhelming even for a beginner such as myself. The bifocals plugin goes a long way to clear up what’s happening in the Grasshopper schematic. Really, I can’t tell you enough how enthusiastic I am for your course.


“Parametric House has been a great resource for my design team. We are pivoting toward incorporating more parametric driven designs and this coursework is the foundation of that effort. We chose 17 courses with varying levels of difficulty and skills and created a learning package that each team member must watch and recreate. Three of seven staff have completed the courses and are actively implementing the skills learned.”

Principal – Registered Architect

I have gone through many tutorials on Grasshopper and the tutorials on Paracourse are very clear and concise. Not only is the content great but Mohammad is clear and easy to understand. I definitely recommend these tutorials for a beginner or even an experienced user. It seems there is always something to learn in Grasshopper due to the many avenues to get to your desired result.