3D Printed Jewelry

Hot Pop Factory created a collection of pieces that imitate patterns and textures found in nature, using a Makerbot Replicator to print every piece. After each piece is printed, it is put together by hand, making every single piece totally unique. Peaque Necklace: Inspired by topography, this sort of honeycomb-like pendant involves two intersecting chains and took 62 minutes to print.

Platonix Type I Necklace: This sort looks like a bunch of triangles having a dance party. It reminds us of some of those doodles rendered during long afternoon meetings.

Platonix Bracelet: This hot little bracelet is made out of 3D printed nylon – so cool! It makes you wonder wonder just how stretchy it is.

Boreal Gold Necklace: That’s right – 3D printed woodgrain! These beautiful pieces are definitely what caught your eye when you come across Hot Pop.

Platonix Type II Necklace: How easy it is to draw a 3D cube? This is sort of like those drawings come to life.

Mesa Ring: You can see a stalagmite-like structure and texture on this Mesa ring.

Kilf Earrings: Last, a pair of earrings that almost look like they were made in a miniature waffle iron. So cute.

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