3D Printed Jewelry

by the late 16th century, the dutch city of delft had begun producing earthenware with distinctive blue decorations meant, at the time, to compete with the blue-white porcelain being imported from china. three centuries later the color showed up again, this time in fashion, when the ubiquitous blue jean was born.

Dutch designer elleke van gorsel, founder of studio-eposh, brings the two shades together in ‘delft blue’ a collection of 3D printed jewelry. The full line consists of earrings, rings, ear pins, pendants, bow-ties, and hair accessories, all paired with various handcrafted chains and backings.

Each design is printed and hand-dyed and finished by van gorsel. Like other studio-eposh products, ‘delft blue’ is 100% sourced and locally made in the Netherlands.

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