3D Sculptures

Throughout the years, artist Andrew Myers has made a career out of the ubiquitous screw. When you look at them straight-on, his screw art looks like a pointillist painting. But when viewed from another angle, Myer’s pieces reveal their sculptural side.

Part of the awe that comes from viewing one of Myer’s works is the meticulousness that goes into their construction. Each of the hundreds of screws is perfectly arranged to form organic shapes. In addition, Myers creates layers of depth.

Some of the screws are drilled deep into their automotive paint backgrounds, which casts shadows when lit just right. Despite the rigidity of his chosen material, Myers has infused the pieces with a surprising sense of softness; he’s produced convincing folds in a pair of boots and the weightlessness of a terrifying tornado.

To further foster the illusion of realism, Myers uses oil paint to imbue the screws with color and fine details—but it doesn’t take much to turn reality on its head. You experience a totally different piece by moving just a few steps in another direction.

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