Architectural Membranes

Architectural Membranes

The constant development of state-of-the-art projects is the fruit of our exceptional experience combined with a great technical know-how. Textile architecture opens up unimagined possibilities allowing to create building sculptures, organic shapes, light roofs or draw attention to spectacular facades with advanced properties in an economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The Fluo²Max membranes are more than just the improved Fluomax membranes. Fluo²Max is the next-generation high durability range that offers the best performance possible. The range is perfect for regions with high UV radiation levels, thanks to its TiO₂ prime coat barrier. On top of that, the Fluo²Max membrane range is lacquered with our PVDF topcoat on both sides, just like our FluoMax. The Fluo²Max’ 20 year warranty proves its high durability.

The Easyfluo is a membrane range with long-lasting aesthetics, offering a good performance. The membranes are easy-to-handle, lightweight and translucent. Its quality and budget price ensure an optimal price/performance ratio. The Easyfluo range is subject to a 10-year warranty.

Our facade range has a very strong tensile strength and can be used for building aesthetics, weather protection, direct sunlight screening, visual screening and even publicity. The range is available in three types of in-deep architectural PVC coating: printable, mat and glossy. Its low footprint impact makes it the perfect solution for durably retrofitting your building. The facade mesh range comes with 12 years of warranty.

Keders are an optional connection between our membranes and the supporting structure. As market leader, Coatex offers a wide range of standard and customised keders, using different welding techniques to obtain a strong and lasting keder.

Textile membranes are a feast for designers. With different heights and irregular inclinations, textile membranes are the perfect tools to turn a fabric into new landscapes. A constant quest and challenge to create widespan enclosures of great spatial interest and variety with only minimalistic structural support!

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