Asinas Sculpture

130 x 110 x 50 cm
Wood, metal, electric motor and mechanical parts.

Parametrichouse: The double helix that forms this mechanical sculpture produces a smooth and natural motion. It shows how a complex and organic appearing creation can be established only by repeating and alternating simple angular geometric shapes.
The sixty-five white elements that form the two helixes increase in size towards the middle of the sculpture giving it a conic shape.The elements consist of three straight line segments that are conjoined like a Z with 90 degree angles. Alternating them on the axle in a mirrored position makes the two helixes twist in opposite direction. One helix is right-handed and its elements are fixed on the axle. The elements of the left-handed helix are connected to one another through small spacers. The different ways of fixating the elements allows for the two shapes to neatly intertwine and slide through each other. By rotating them slowly in opposite directions and at slightly different speeds the structure gradually transforms.

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