Basilisk Installation

Abstract Machines Installation: BasiliskAbstract Machines Studio
The Abstract Machines studio is an Architecture unit on the Leeds Beckett Masters course. Its primary focus is on computation, parametric design and how applying these evolving technologies can shape construction. Architectural systems are developed through a thorough regime of process-driven design, simulation, and physical prototyping. Allowing the creation of space that can contain greater complexity and personality.

Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk
Students develop their own innovative digital fabrication workflows, to visualize and build novel forms of architecture. Utilizing advanced fabrication tools such as the laser-cutting, CNC and 3D printing, alongside more traditional methods.

Basilisk Installation
The AM Research Installation 2015-16 is based on the original conceptual sculpture of Rhys Lupton. Chosen for its stunning aesthetic and dual appearance. An aggregation of Kite cells spiraling in on itself.
Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk
Basilisk is the resultant installation based on the group’s research. The suspended sculpture has dual faces; the outer; a bristly facade of undulating spikes creates a dynamic and reptilian skin. The scales transform across the surface, from shallow-long to deep-short panels, every panel is unique. Within the Basilisk is the soft belly, the bold scales are replaced with a gentle diamond tessellation, reinforced with the tectonic rhythm of joining rivets.
Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk
A full-scale prototype of the fabrication system, extrapolating and developing on the principles and logic of the initial sculpture. Taken from concept through to fabrication and installation in just three weeks by a small team of students and staff; the project celebrates the design to production ethos of the studio. Consisting of 1024 unique panels laser-cut panels, that are folded and riveted to create cells. Each cell bears a construction tag, to identify its location and assembly order.
Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk
Keith Andrews
Jak Drinnan
Nick Tyrer

Concept Design
Rhys Lupton

Fabrication & Construction
Daniel Pound
Rebecca Phythian
Abdulrahim Alkooheji
Linda Barnsley
Hannah Cawthorne
Luke Hirst
Nick Husband
Rhys Lupton
Luke Sach

Special Thanks

Adrian Appleyard
Rafeeq Chaudhry
Lisa Stansible

Abstract Machines Installation: BasiliskAbstract Machines Installation: BasiliskAbstract Machines Installation: Basilisk

Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk

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