Breaking the Surface

An interactive kinetic installation entitled ‘breaking the surface’ is raising the roof! This innovative installation was designed by the Norwegian architecture group ‘ctrl+n’, in collaboration with Scandinavian Design group, kontur, abida and intek for Lundin Norway.  ‘Breaking the surface’ has been installed in the main lobby of the Lundin Norway office.

The installation is zoned into three platforms. The area in front of the lower platform acts as a mingling/socializing area from where the public can view the installation. The second platform provides access to the underside of the installation, where it can be truly experienced; whereas the third platform or the upper level is where the installation is encased in transparent glass, allowing for the visitors to walk around its perimeter and understand the mechanisms that drive this installation.

Speaking about the concept, project architect Johnathon Little of ctrl+n said: “My approach to design is ironically both strong and soft, with this pavilion I have expressed a strong and informative form but simultaneously created a soft and comfortable series of spaces for people to experience. The strong, angular expression of the pavilion encompasses inviting spaces with soft walls and warm tones of floor and furnishings.”

These brightly colored suspended acrylic tubes shine against the monochromatic white-colored exhibition space. The soft glow of these tubes in motion pitted in contrast to its exhibition space pay homage to the company’s legacy. This installation has been made publicly accessible.

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