Created by belgian designer jonas van put and presented at biennale interieur in kortrijk, ‘buzzijungle’ for buzzispace is a project that presents a reflection of the designer’s vision on social offices, further pushing the traditional boundaries of the workplace.

Its aim is it to elevate meetings and social interactions into a vertical office by encouraging users to interact with the structure and with one another. they can climb it, relax and meet in the elevated work-lounge space made from lacquered steel.

Inspired by the vertical cross-section of a tropical forest, buzzijungle challenges its users to take up a temporary residence in an open-air environment constructed of loungers — where they can enjoy the light that filters through the layers — similar to the way it streams through the foliage of the forest.

Various elements within the structure provide an opportunity for different social interaction through the ‘jungle’. this 10’ x 13’ structure is constructed with woven galvanized aluminum and finished with yellow lacquer. finally, ‘buzzijungle’ creates a towering urban experience for large and small places.