You would get astonished by how that installation interacts to the surroundings.  John Grade the Seattle based artist created this pavilion named “Capacitor” in about two months only. It was problem solving on site experience for him.

He was interested in creating that form in order to see how people would respond to it. John described the structure as an enormous kit that comes in one package. It had to be light weight in order to be easy for the crew to move with.

The sculpture changes its luminosity by a controller that gets its information from sensors on the roof of the building. That’s where the direct relation between nature and the sculpture come from.

Capacitor explores an immediate and direct relationship with the natural world. This immense, 40- x 20- x 40-foot coil physically responds to information from weather sensors outside the Arts Center, slowly twisting and shifting to changes in wind direction and temperature.

The giant, honeycomb-like structure is lit from within by light-emitting diodes that subtly change in brightness over the course of a day.

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