Clerkenwell Billboards

Giles Miller Studio has created a series of four glass-tile sculptures to help visitors navigate Clerkenwell Design Week 2016. The London-based studio created the pieces, collectively named Billboards, for the new layout of Clerkenwell Design Week.

Composed of over 8,000 hand-crafted glass tiles in vibrant matte and metallic colours, the four structures are located between the festival’s main venues. Each is decorated to create a swoosh, directing visitors to the next exhibition on the trail. The sculptures can also be illuminated from behind, so they can aid wayfinding at all hours of the day.

It’s a plywood lattice structure, and there’s strip lights that light the tiles from the inside. Each individual tile has been set and programmed on CAD software. The tiles are are closed off at quite a steep angle, and where designer wanted to create a sort of swooshing shape, the tiles gradually open up to allow more light through.

Each of the billboards was created in collaboration with British Ceramic Tile, and are located at key Clerkenwell Design Week destinations including Kingsway Place, Clerkenwell Close and Clerkenwell Road.

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