Corollaria jewelry collection

Corollaria jewelry collection

By: Nervous System


Corollaria jewelry collectionInspired by biological systems, Corollaria plays with adaptive patterns that respond to environmental conditions. Multi-scale structures suggest the organization of cells into tissues, and cells change in size and direction to define piece boundaries. To generate these complex differentiated structures, we use an anisotropic centroidal Voronoi algorithm that follows fields of density and direction.

Corollaria jewelry collectionThe collection fuses new technologies and old. Algorithmically generated designs are etched from brass sheets and shaped into 3D forms in a hydraulic press. Forming the pieces into domed shapes gives our flat patterns new dimensionality, referencing both natural forms like pollen and traditional metal filigree.

Corollaria jewelry collectionCorollaria also includes rubber jewelry designs, the first we’ve created since Nervous System began in 2007. The rubber pieces explore cellular structures at a larger scale. In contrast to the incredible intricacy of the brass pieces, the rubber necklaces and bracelets are dramatic pieces that blanket the body with bold organic motifs. This collection includes our first generative rubber jewelry design. Each Varallaria Necklace is one of a kind, emerging from a new shape and environment.