Corollaria Railing

Corollaria Railing

By: Nervous System


Corollaria RailingThe design morphs continuously along the 40 ft (12.2 m) long railing moving through different modes of pattern. Beginning at the bottom of the staircase, waves of dense cells shift into rings, then spirals and finally to large scale radial cells. The patterns recall the microscopic morphologies seen in cross sections of plant tissues.

Corollaria RailingThe railing is made of 10 gauge steel which is lasercut and powdercoated matte black. The lasercutting was done by Hatfield Metal Fabrication in Poughkeepsie, NY. The design was broken down into 6 panels, one of which is bent to create the corner. We rented a cargo van and drove down to Hatfield to pick them up.

Corollaria RailingThe railing pattern was generated by the latest version of our Corollaria software which uses an optimization process of anisotropic centroidal voronoi diagrams. The cells optimize their distribution in response to a morphic background metric.

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