Desert Lotus

Desert Lotus is an expanding dome designed by Michael Burton. The goal of the project was to create a kinetic structure that could act as a collapsable, temporary installation or kiosk. Consisting of 3 layers of panels, the Dome as built stands about 7 feet tall and expands from a 6 foot diameter to a 14 foot diameter.

When expanded, the dome can fit several people comfortably both standing and sitting. When not in use, it can be collapsed and becomes a sculptural piece. It is constructed entirely of wood with common hardware used in all of the joints and a series of steel angled pieces at the top layer.

The dome is supported by its perimeter as well as a central metal pole that would be anchored into the ground to act as a center-point for motion. Designers intend to add some kind of covering to the panels of the dome that twists with the structure and to add another layer of panels to the base. Addition of a fourth layer would increase the height and expanded width to 10 feet and 18 feet respectively.

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