DoubleMesh by deskriptiv is an application prototype that encapsulates a generative system which enables the easy creation of interwoven structures. Traditionally, handwoven constructs like for example wicker baskets or rattan furniture are strong and at the same time light weight, but they need many hours of physical labor to build.

This software on the other hand, creates such structures automatically in under a second. A user without any prior weaving knowledge can explore a wide variety of designs within minutes. The final design can then be physicalized through additive manufacturing. Like it’s handmande counterpart, the digitally woven structure does not require much build material, yet due to the the strutting, the overall structure is robust.

This makes such objects ideal for 3D printing, since big objects can be produced at low cost. The creation process starts with a primitive base shape that can be deformed and sculpted to design the overall appearance. The algorithm dynamically reacts to the changes and adapts the woven structure. The interweaving can be individually tweaked.

This includes the weaving direction and the mesh density which both can be precisely controlled. Before 3D printing, the final design can be optimized, which relaxes the woven structure to reduce any overlaps that may result from heavy mesh editing. The software creates water-tight 3D files that can be exported to any 3D printing software.