Faceted Pendant Lights

Overall this light by Allison Patrick from Zipper8Design measures approximately 12 inches, but what really makes it unique is the construction method.  Designer had discovered that if you put 4 fortune tellers into a square, you can then drop in a 5th one, on top of the middle pieces, and it sort of locks the whole thing together.  Basically you can keep building this up, for a really nice and clean look, where you don’t have any gaps in between pieces because you have essentially built up a double thick layer of the fortune tellers.

Although she discovered there was one problem with doing this on a sphere. Because of the technique, you need the same number of fortune tellers in each row as you go around, but as the sphere gets smaller and smaller at the top and bottom you are going to have some problems because the same large number of fortune tellers that wrapped around the middle aren’t going to all fit around the top.

She ended up starting to turn the fortune tellers in funny directions, and sort of figuring out a different pattern for the very top and bottom.

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