Geometric Paper Cutting

Geometric Paper Cutting

Kristine Benum Braanen

Kristine Braanen is a paper cutting artist in Oslo, Norway. Kristine began paper cutting in connection with a school project in 2013. While she has always loved painting, drawing and making things, it was when she worked with paper that she found her ideal medium.

She loves experimenting and creating with different papers, and most of all working with shapes, patterns and compositions. Most of Kristine’s designs use just two or three shapes – circles, triangles and occasionally squares.

She does a lot of freehand cutting within a drawn outline, and says she often starts on a piece without knowing how it will turn out.

“I never use computers or programs to make my designs as I love the order in seemingly randomness and the surprises I find in my creations as I go.” Watch her remarkably steady hand in action here.

“Paper cutting is to me a form of meditation. It allows me to relax and create order and beauty. Paper is such a simple and easy material and still it has a million opportunities; it’s the perfect, clean, simplistic and beautiful medium.”[1]

She is one of the founders of The Paper Artist Collective, a teacher in arts and crafts and committed to world problems.

The paper artist Kristine Benum Braanen may have tossed many of her creations, but those she kept are perfectly geometrical even to the smallest detail, some of them even made it all the way to London Fashion Week.

or the future, Kristine do not imagine herself working full time as a paper artist, maybe when she is 50 she says, but she still has dreams.

She wants to do something big in 3D, a mass installation perhaps, something people can look at and enjoy but not wanting to put up on the walls of their homes.

But right now, she is focusing on her paper creations when she has the time and she wants to concentrate on the things closest to her heart.[3]

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