Grand Stade de Casablanca

NBBJ & Yassir Khalil Studio shared their vision for the new Grand Stade de Casablanca. Their goal for the project is to create a center for sports and assembly events which is keenly in tune with the natural environment, geography, and history of the nation of Morocco. The sports center will signify to the world the unique character and vision of the city, while taking advantage of the natural environment to reduce energy consumption and create a dramatic human experience.

The design team has considered the many aspects in which this stadium must both serve and represent the city of Casablanca, the nation of Morocco, and the international world of sport. It must be a civic and architectural landmark, but also a high-performing, flexible, and economically viable facility to operate.

Most importantly, they have taken a long-term civic view in the design of this facility. The average useful life of sports facilities today is only 25-30 years. In contrast, the Grand Stade de Casablanca is designed as a 100 year – or more – building. The stadium is designed to be timeless, multipurpose, and flexible to anticipate the future shifts in sporting tastes.

Located on the outskirts of the growing city of Casablanca, the stadium sits as a powerful beacon symbolizing the future of the country while drawing inspiration from the rich history of the Moroccan culture. The exterior shell is an eight-pointed star to emphasize the centrality to the master plan. Around the perimeter, the form lifts to create archways and designate clear entry and service points to stadium.