Grasshopper to the Tangible

After a 5-day intensive workshop training in Grasshopper and Rhinoceros, a Russian group has created plywood hand assembled form. The object is reminiscent of an aquatic creature with its scale-like attachments extenuating the underlying geometry of its skeletal structure.

The speed of replication and ease in construction demonstrates the system’s capabilities in the emerging technological design revolution. The possibilities of creating otherwise unimaginable forms are liberating the architectural industry from the conventional two-dimensional micro façade to the three-dimensional micro façade.

Some critiques may consider this as unnecessary ornamentation, but these technologies of geometrical creation and laser cutting, have the potential to bring back the micro scale of what once was paramount in styles such as the ‘arts and crafts’. The scale of the finger has for too long been unrecognized.

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  • Mn Bkhr

    Would love to follow the way to achieve that in grasshopper

    • naseri2

      you’ll get there 😉