At the interior design show toronto (IDS) 2017, partisans celebrated the launch of its first product ‘gweilo’. As part of the ‘partisans factory’, each ‘gweilo’ light was hand-sculpted using thermoforming techniques on site, allowing optical grade acrylic sheets to be sculpted while still in their hot plastic state.

‘the factory’ at IDS showcased the art of manufacturing in action, where visitors were able to experience the thermoforming process and order their own tailor-made ‘gweilo’ lights on site. In partnership with lightform, partisans was taking its early studies of ‘gweilo’ from prototype to product. the series of luminaries redefined the typology by transforming the source itself into sculpted radiance, shaping and harnessing the dynamic movement of light.

When LEDs are diffused across the acrylic sheets, their luminescent output is amplified, resulting in an infinite set of silhouettes and sizes. bending like light rays themselves, ‘gweilo’ gives an architectural effect to the way a light source normally emits luminescence, delineating space and creating a ghostly ambiance whether used as an accent, divider, or centerpiece.

At IDS 2017, partisans brought mass customization to the public and turning it into a live performance piece’. the design team hand-sculpted lights alongside architect omar gandhi, painter steve driscoll, sculptor harley valentine, and designer tommy smythe.

IDS visitors were able to custom-form of their own lights at ‘the factory’, and were also have a chance to win a ‘gweilo’ light by following partisans architecture and lightform on instagram and tagging their photos with #partisansfactory during the event. proceeds from the lights formed with guest artists was donated to habitat for humanity.

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