Heaven Bloom

“Heaven Bloom” by WHYIXD is located in the lobby of a building which is constructed by GoldenJade development corp. Along with the international architecture team from Singapore, WOHA, this mansion was designed with concept of nature.

By sowing the idea seeds into the crack of concrete wall, “Heaven Bloom” just grew up and become a large, organic society. There are 140 mechanical metal flowers dancing to the four season background music and responding to the special season change that only occurs in nature.

Heaven Bloom” is inspired by the special plant—Nanhu Rhododendron(Rhododendron hyperythrum Hayata), which only grows in one of 100 mountain peaks in Taiwan: “Nanhu Mountain”. The Nanhu Rhododendron is adaptive in extreme climate on high mountains—it appears rusty yellow color before it blooms; however, when it’s in full bloom the flower appears like white snowflakes all over around the mountain peak.

In “Heaven Bloom” the warm soul of Nanhu Rhododendron is injected, making the mechanical flower dance in the air. Designers believe that this work could bear any poor conditions but still bloom elegantly, responding to the vitality of Taiwan. “Heaven Bloom” will show this beautiful pattern continuously in the building.

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