Hello Bathroom

Hello Bathroom is a BathPod designed by Max Wehebrink at PA Consulting, based in Cambridge, UK. This BathPod is specifically designed for the bathroom. So, you don’t need to worry about flowing water and steam. And don’t worry about your wet fingers, sudsy soaps and messy toothbrushes. BathPod combines an electric toothbrush and charger with a digital media assistant. Here are just a few of the cool things you can do in your bathroom:
“Bathroom: Please play my 80s singalong bathroom collection”
“Bathroom: Please add shampoo to my shopping list”
“Bathroom: Please play my two minute news briefing while I brush my teeth”
There is a speaker in the charger dock and a microphone in the brush. You can even talk to the pod from the shower, via the waterproof toothbrush.
The Design team created the BathPod in response to a concept brief. PA Design set out to combine ergonomics for the bathroom with digital interaction. The look aims to stand out while blending in through a range of textural finishes.  The pod allows owners to transform their bathroom into a media hub – using voice recognition you can talk to your pod which means wet hands and soap are no problem. The pod is designed with procedural modelling to create a range of textures. The range of textures bring a rich variety that will help best fit different bathrooms while keeping a common design language.