Horizon Lamp

Combining 3D printing with venetian glass craftsmanship, architects Arturo Tedeschi, Michael Pryor,  Pavlina Vardoulaki and Matteo Silverio have collaborated to produce a unique lighting design. dubbed ‘horizon’, the suspension lamp encapsulates a freeform 3D printed shape within a handmade glass shelter manufactured in murano, the legendary Italian glassmaking center.

The project is based on the belief that the design industry won’t evolve based only on a constant, technological upgrade of products, but rather through reconsideration and reintegration of values like uniqueness, hand-making, and even ‘imperfection’.

The main idea is to create two separately constructed sinuous surfaces that co-exist. as far as the outer lamp shell is concerned, the glass master shapes the glass by hand, relying on CNC-milled molds. after the glass reaches the needed shape, it stays one day on a tempra-oven where it cools-down slowly to prevent any cracks.

Once the glass is cold, it is ground and polished to remove any excess material and then, it is finally pierced with diamond tips. this process allows seriality and at the same time, generates differentiation and desired imperfection.

On the other hand, the light diffusing core is 3D printed in order to achieve a formal complexity not possible with traditional production systems. the horizon showcases its duality through the various stages of the day.

During daylight hours the glass shelter is the main protagonist, exhibiting the beauty and preciousness of venetian glass, partially revealing the complexity of the inner shape. At night the LED system emits light, filtered and bounced by the inner 3D printed core, creating unpredictable and intriguing effects on the walls and the ceiling.